Brothers In Arms seeks to pull away from the clich├ęd mass of World War 2 shooters and put you in a first person World War 2 historical experience. Covering seven days, starting at midnight on D-day, you play an Allied paratrooper Sergeant from the 101st Airborne leading his squad through enemy lines. The squad is responsible for helping secure the area for the landing army and the events are based on history. Your squad is separated by fireteams, one of which is a tank in some missions. As you play as Sgt. Matt Baker you are free to assist either fireteam, or blaze your own path. Your squadmates are all unique and identifiable, helping to push this game to the next level of story telling.

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Grate game, challenging game play, good graphics for its time.

Realistic ww2 fps

I'm a fan of World War 2 games, and I say this one got my attention.

I like the feature of being able to command squad, but sometimes they are just dumb to run into enemy fire, and does not move near a cover by their own.

The graphics, back then.. we're one of the best!

Can't really say much now, but I love this game.


One of the best military games ever made.
Not just a run and gun "cod" style...but a very tactical experience, with both a real and realistic story, pretty awesome gameplay and a constant feeling to be inside a time machine.

Best world war 2 shooter.


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better than earnd in blood


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This game is sometimes difficult! And that is good!


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