No more jumping, change gravity as you wish to overcome more than 100 stages in the shortest time possible.

Breaking Newton is a precision platform game in which you will need your best reflexes to overcome the more than 100 stages in which the game is divided.

The game can be played with either keyboard or controller. There are two control modes available to change the gravity, 1 or 2 buttons, you can switch between them at any time.

Depending on the number of deaths and the time taken to beat a stage you will be awarded 1 to 5 stars. These stars are required to unlock the worlds that make up the game.

Certain stages contain a graviton, which is not necessary to obtain to complete the stage, but collecting them will unlock special stages.

Each time a world, or difficulty level, is unlocked, all the stages of that level will be available, so if a stage costs you more than normal it will not block your progress.


- Over 100 stages

- 8 worlds of increasing difficulty

- Special scenarios to unlock: adventure, endurance...

- Different obstacles: fixed, moving, change gravity with you, lasers...

- 2 control modes to change gravity: 1 or 2 buttons.

- Control with keyboard or controller.

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Are you searching for challenging game?

Breaking Newton in Steam:

Breaking Newton is a platformer in which you will need your best reflexes to face more than 100 stages. The game focuses in skilled players who enjoyed with N+ or Super meat boy. Main mechanic bases on changing the gravity in any moment, with tight controls, let you flight through stages full of obstacles.

You can request a free key for steam writing an email to, writing indiedb on title, with the purpose that you will do with the game.

Release Trailer :

Release next week

Release next week


Pre-launch article. Next week Breaking Newton will be released on Steam.

Breaking Newton at 0.95$ on Steam Summer Sales

Breaking Newton at 0.95$ on Steam Summer Sales


Did you want to try Breaking Newton but never find the correct moment? No more excuses, now get it at incredible price of 0.95$. More than 100 stages...

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