Brawlers Tavern is an MMORPG set in an eccentric medieval world where something like 2D Zelda meets Mario Party in a persistent open world. Enter one of the many taverns of Anandor where you’ll meet other players, partake in solo and team competitions, chat and find friends to play with, roleplay, form or join a guild, earn prizes and reputation, customize your character, and a whole lot else! When the tavern gets too rowdy, you can always find a shady corner to dine, drink, and gamble in other games... or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, feel free to party up and venture outside! There’s lots to discover beyond the comfortable walls of Anandor city… but for our less experienced adventurers, we recommend they don’t travel east beyond Falsworn Forest... lest not unprepared!

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What’s new:

- Tavern Games Event Queue – Form a party or join solo and queue up for 4vs4 Mini-CTF!
- Guild management UI
- Earn Silver and Reputation from winning brawls and participating in Tavern Games
- Visit the shop to spend your hard-earned silver on: 
Guild Creation Tokens, Mystery Crates, additional Wardrobe Slots, and other new items!
- Purchase in-game gold for real money to show your support! 
- There are some special exclusive Alpha cosmetic items available for gold

Focus of test:

- Overall game performance
- Tavern Game Queue (4vs4 CTF)
- Brawl Queue & Rating System
- Brawl Traits & Stats
- Finding an squashin' bugs!


- Accounts will eventually be reset but you’ll receive the gold equivalent of your purchases post release.

Now set your alarm, raise your banners and join us in the arena tomorrow night!

Sword Raise

We hope to see you there!

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