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If you grew up playing legends like the Bomberman series and you are looking forward some addictive game play than you are in the right place. Bombinator is an ultra-fast online multiplayer action game that will perfectly fill a small break or let you relax after hard day. Single game will take approximately from 2 to 11 minutes. Currently game is in early beta stage looking for initial community to start the journey. If you would like to be among the first to touch this game do not hesitate and sign up for beta NEWSLETTER.

We are on Greenlight

If you would like to become a judge of Bombinator at Greenlight just visit our page and VOTE :)

So who we are?

We are a tiny software development company Solid Patterns from Poland you can visit our web-site at For the past 6 years we delivered many applications based on .NET technology. Saying our team, I am referring to me and my partner maybe also my wife who is always keen to provide feedback :) We have never created a game before so this our first effort to succeed in this field.

So what’s the story of Bombinator?

Sadly most of the time only one of us can fully focus on this project as the other has to maintain our company regular duties and deal with other projects. I’ve been addicted to classical games like Dyna Blaster and MegaBlast from early years of my life. Back in high school I remember days when together with two of my friends we were playing those games using one keyboard. This kind of gameplay is very quick and can provide lots of fun. So decision was easy as we chosen Bombinator for our first game project. After year and half of hard work a stable backbone of project was created:

  • Root server - connecting all players letting them to communicate and group in rooms
  • Gaming regions – which are standalone services that will be deployed around world to minimize latency for players
  • Luncher app – so once you install our game it will update itself every time you lunch it
  • Unity game client – which currently is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux platform
  • Website – along with forum and players list all integrated with game (

There is lot of work ahead of us but core features are ready and game can be played on first initial map. We plan to update this game and release a new beta at least once every two weeks introducing new features or bug fixes. More about Bombinator will appear later in discussion tab

Why newsletter?

We would like to gather even a small community around Bombinator before the first public lunch. The last thing we would like to see is an empty server awaiting players who decide to play Bombinator. Thus our idea for this early stage is to collect community through newsletter list first.

How will it work?

Once we will collect the initial group (might be the first 200 players but not sure yet) we will start beta program. During beta stage will start lunching servers for short yet frequent intervals. We will inform our subscribers about each interval as well about what fixes have been introduced during this interval and what we would like our community to focus on (test).

Can I contribute?

Yes you can, more to this topic, your judgment is crucial to Bombinator’s future success. That’s why ever since you create an account in game you can use same credentials on Bombinator’s forum ( We hope to see a lot of cool ideas there, as well information’s regarding problems and bugs. We wish to make Bombinator a game partially designed by players and their ideas.

What will be the final form of this game?

Not a single person can predict what will be the final outcome of this game, yet we can share few ideas that will at least point direction:

  • game will stay ads-free, if we ever consider any banner it will be displayed during lunch as a splash screen,
  • we would love to keep the core features of game to be free to play, (free accounts will always be equally powerful to premium accounts)
  • there will be a form of premium account. It will be a monthly subscription model (tiny amounts) or a pay-once and own (more but once). We will see with which model our community will feel better with
  • premium account will unlock some advance customization features (appearance)

For first the stable release (we hope it will be still 2016) we focus on PVP arena matches. So in more detail:

  • at least 5 different arena modes (death match, capture the flag, etc.)
  • 8 maps in different size and shape (from small one 6x6 to 30x40)
  • 5 unique themes per map
  • lots of possibilities through customization of initial conditions
  • highly intriguing bonuses (both positive and negative)
  • website which already hosts list of player and their in-game profiles also top10 chart
  • team play
  • sudden death modes
  • bet placing
  • in-game lottery
  • challenging achievements
  • special rewards and titles
  • possibility to make friends and transfer in-game currency

And for a distant future plans

  • an online multiplayer story mode
  • introduction of classes and special abilities
  • guilds
  • open world wars
  • and some great ideas our community will come with

If I have intrigued you enough do not hesitate to join our beta newsletter at otherwise watch gameplay records :)

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