The on-going space voxel project by the six sibling studio, ZanMgt! A labor of love, Blockade Runner is an ever-evolving development that's currently undergoing a major engine overhaul to provide a solid foundation for the game's bi-weekly builds. We've found the bi-weekly builds to be an enjoyable and healthy development cycle and are anxiously preparing the game for their return!

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In case you haven't been on the IRC in a while, there's been a lot of development going on with Blockade Runner! This is just a few items from the 80+ item changelog including...

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In case you haven't been on the IRC in a while, there's been a lot of behind the scenes development going on with Blockade Runner! Just to sum some of it up: We're focusing on having you start alone or with your friends on a random asteroid that you and your friends have to work your way off of at the beginning of the game.

You and your friends will be tasked with building your first ship from what you can find (we're considering alternatives for you to spawn a ship more immediately) and boldly launch into space to begin your quest of galactic domination! Characters and the galaxy will also soon be persistent, so everything you do will leave an impact in the galaxy.

Essentially, we're getting to the gameplay side of Blockade Runner!

- Solo/Multiplayer much more stable! (We demand perfection!)
- Diablo 2-style inventory (items can take up larger slot space in inventory)
- Full droppable / collectable items in multiplayer
- 6 slots for selecting your current item
- Crafting mechanics have begun!
- Automatic file backups of ships in the editor
- Character movement has been revamped
- Repaired lighting engine
- Atmosphere generators for asteroids (Genesis Device perhaps?)

This is just a few items from the 80+ item changelog including many bug fixes and new minor mechanics. We hope to be at around 100 by next week, with the update being out when it's ready. Otherwise just hang tight and visit the forums and IRC in the coming weeks for upcoming test builds!


I think you have just blown my mind.. and I love you for it.

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I was just wondering if the ultimate plan was to have players start on a planet and then make there way of it by building there ship or if it is always intended to be on an asteroid.

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[ZanMgt]Aaron Author

Full-sized planets would resemble Minecraft's "infinite" terrain when you land on their surface, and so we'd need to spend precious development time re-treading the same steps as Notch (and everyone else). We want to start with the difficult bit with the free-floating entities (ships, asteroids) before implementing the planets. =)

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You guys are my heroes!

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finally turning into a game. congrats.

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