Blob is a slow paced puzzle-platformer, where you have to consume different forms of energy to keep going forward. On each level your objective will be to find the exit and consume as much gold energy as possible.

Unity Web Player Demo is right here:

Access Blob Linux Demo download link on our Steam Greenlight page:

Currently, there are three forms of energy, each producing a different effect:

- Guidance Energy (blue) will hasten or slow you down to a moderate speed, which will allow you to navigate carefully in tighter spaces
- Excitement Energy (red) will bring you up to a very fast speed, which will allow you to get across longer distances, at same time making it harder to turn precisely and avoid falling down
- Gold Energy (gold) will also make you faster, but for a shorter period of time. It's has a sort of bonus value, so it's usually harder to get

You will meet Guidance and Excitement growing around you from glowing flowers and crystals. It will respawn in a few seconds after being consumed. Gold energy is always scattered as pure, untouched bits of gold, without ever respawning.

Blob constantly looses energy to the surroundings, so every speed effects you have will fade away in around 8 seconds, until Blob comes to a complete stop and implodes on itself, having no more energy to exist. Fear not, because a tap on the large restart button will immediately respawn you at the beginning of current level.

Blob is a tiny fraction of pure energy, travelling through a cataclysmic world of rock labyrinths. Explore puzzling corridors and crumbling mountain halls with a meditative pace in this ambient puzzle game.

The game is a top-down scrolling puzzle, where you control a moving Blob to guide it to a safe exit from eclectic maze-like levels. To keep your Blob alive, you'll have to consume bits of energy, growing around you. Collect hidden Gold Energy to beat best scores.

Blob is designed to bring peace and harmony into your soul. Enjoy colourful and neuro-sensoric levels and ambient audio design with a stress-less endless gameplay. No lives, endless retries, just pure smooth puzzle-platformer action.

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Hey all! So I've launched a funding campaign at IndieGoGo. I really need your support to make Blob the best game ever, to cover expense for audio/music, Q&A and assets optimization. Please spare a dime if you like the game or help me by just sharing the funding campaign link in your social circles.

Check it our over here:

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Blob Linux Demo

Blob Linux Demo

Demo 2 comments

This is Blob Demo for Linux. Unpack it and launch the binary to play. Please leave feedback, as it is very important for me what you think of the game...

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