Blasted Fortress is a physics-based castle assault game with an added layer of resource management. Even while you're not playing, crops grow, market prices fluctuate, seasons change, and you may come back later to be greeted by disasters that happened while you were away or gifts to bolster your resources. It's a blend of physics decimation, looting, hoarding, and RPG-style enhancements. If you're more creatively inclined and want to add more content to the game, you can even create your own buildings to siege using the built-in building editor.

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Nov 11 2013 Anchor

Before you make suggestions, perhaps you'd like to hear our list of planned changes. These are NOT final ideas. In fact, we'd appreciate your input. If you have arguments against any of the following, please do state your case! We're always watching the forums.

Here's what we want to do in the near future:

  • Rework the Workshop UI. The window for buying cannonballs could use a less chunky and more sleek look with an easier way to buy a lot of cannonballs quick without holding the Shift key.
  • Implement a UI for the Ore Merchant. We like clicking on the merchant and watching money spray out, but it's imprecise and slow.
  • Upgrade Tribe Warfare in some meaningful way. Should we add a new ammo type?
  • Implement new base game modes. We think breaking resource crates in the time limit is all well and good but there are a lot of possibilities we missed out on at launch.
  • Continually upgrade the graphics until particular standards are met.

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