BLACK DAY is a singleplayer shooter game based on infiltration. BLACK DAY allow you to personalize the game experience by setting different variable such as equipment, number and types of enemies… therefore you can design a funny and easy game or set up a hardcore infiltration mission where even farting may result in your death… Release on Steam: 29th september 2017

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The Alpha is over! Beta 1 is now online and without a doubt this is the biggest Black Day update so far.

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Dear Gamers,

The Alpha is over! Beta 1 is now online and without a doubt this is the biggest Black Day update so far. There is so much new content that i dont know where to start. So lets try to stay simple and concise.

5 new translations:

Before anything else i would like to thank the community who helped with the translations.It is important to name them all as follow.

- Russian:Evgenii Tamens / MuDDy_BLooDy / Vitaly “Vital” Ulianov

- Spanish: Pablo Moya

- Portuguese - Bresil: Gabriel Monteiro dos Reis

- German: Vincent Oggier

- Italian: Lorenzo Rende

I Thank you all infinitely !

- Optical camouflage:

New equipment is available for your soldiers: The optical camouflage suit. Extremly powerful,This suit will allow you and your teammates
to be almost invisible for a short period of time while infiltrating enemy lines.
This ability has a short lifespan and a long recharge rate so use it wisely.

- Photo Mode:

With a simple keypress("P" by default), you can now immortalize your actions by taking the best looking photos.
All the options are available for you to edit and create your own original images.

- Equipment Save:

Save and load in a few clicks your favorite equipment configurations for you and your teammates.
You can save upto 10 different custom configurations.

- 2 new weapons:

AS-Val: Silenced assault weapon ideal for covert missions.
Chippa Rhino: Tactical revolver extremly polyvalent.

- 2 new maps:

Hospital central: small map 100% close-combat ideal for fast and intence missions.
Old Ruins (winter): A variation of the old ruins map coverd in snow.

- 9 new outfits:

Headsets,pants,vests,jackets... everything necessary to even more customize your characters.

- Revision of the user interface:

New main menu, new character customization menu, refurbished HUD... In short, a more clear and prettier rendition.

- Graphical enhancements:

Every map has been completly reworked (shadows, lights...)

I will stop here because the list just goes on! I leave it to you to discover the complete list of changes.

This BETA version could have some gameplay bugs, translation errors...Do not hesitate to use the steam forum and
the official game discord to leave feedback.

Stay fun and Rock'n'Roll!
Helios Production

- Reset save file
- Overhaul: Graphics rendering
- Overhaul: Drivable helicopter
- Overhaul: Cinematics intro for each map
- Overhaul: XP required for each rank
- Overhaul: XP required for each weapon/map/gear/game mode
- Overhaul: Difficulty XP reward
- Add: Spanish translation
- Add: German translation
- Add: Russian translation
- Add: Italian translation
- Add: Portuguese - Brasilian translation
- Add: Optical camouflage gear (default key: Left Ctrl)
- Add: Photo mode (default key: P)
- Add: 10 Save slots for clothing/weapons/gear in Squad and Gear UI menu
- Add: New weapon - AS Val (Assault Rifle)
- Add: New weapon - Chiappa Rhino (Revolver)
- Add: New map - Old Ruins (Winter version)
- Add: New map - Central Hospital
- Add: Clothing - New category - Headphones
- Add: Clothing (Category HEADPHONES) - Headphones + 8 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category HELMET) - Cap + 5 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category GLASSES) - PMC Glasses
- Add: Clothing (Category SHIRT) - PMC Shirt + 10 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SUIT/PANTS) - PMC Pants + 4 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SUIT/PANTS) - PMC Pants 2 + 4 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category VEST) - PMC Vest + 4 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category VEST) - PMC Vest 2 + 4 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category BAG) - Little backpack + 4 CAMOS
- Add: 3 new CAMOS of Balaclava
- Add: 3 new CAMOS of Russian Helmet + Russian Helmet 2
- Add: New menu soundtrack
- Add: New Helicopter model
- Add: New plant mine/c4 animation
- Add: New computer interaction animation
- Add: New defuse mine animation
- Add: New hack animation
- Add: New hide body animation
- Add: Interactions SFX
- Add: New Knocked/Wounded/Stand up animation
- Add: Switch attachment animation
- Add: Call airstrike animation
- Add: New character customisation design
- Add: Customize weapons player directly in squad menu
- Add: Disable AI teammates increase XP reward
- Add: Disable drivable vehicles increase XP reward
- Add: Cinematic insertion
- Add: Cinematic launch mission
- Add: Startup movie
- Add: New camera cone VFX
- Add: security Lasers for each map
- Add: Lasers triggers closest alarm
- Add: Sniper aiming sound
- Add: Lasers can be destroyed with bullets
- Add: New game mode pictures
- Add: New selection type of map
- Add: Progress bar to next rank in Main menu UI
- Add: Progress bar for each rank in Rank List UI
- Add: Crosshair on Drone UI if drone armed
- Add: Dog's instincts based on sensor settings
- Add: Reflex sight on Panther
- Add: Automatically use knife if cannot use classic takedown
- Add: Random speed rotation of camera
- Add: New icon game
- Add: Smoke grenade SFX
- Add: Use sprint with a ladder
- Add: New music on Paradise Resort
- Add: Init squad formation automatically choose by size map
- Add: New screen of Lost Island
- Add: New screen of Jalh-Ab desert
- Add: New screen of Country town
- Add: New screen of Conira Castle
- Add: New screen of Heaven of peace
- Add: New screen of Area 47
- Add: Slide sound
- Add: Keybinding icon (select main and secondary weapon) to Vehicles UI
- Improve: Weapons recoil behavior
- Improve: AI teammates behavior
- Improve: AI teammates squad formation
- Improve: AI pathfinding
- Improve: AI sight
- Improve: AI reinforcements spawn
- Improve: AI teammates attack priority
- Improve: AI faction war spawn
- Improve: Lasers optimization
- Improve: General brightness/contrast
- Improve: Increase cleanup corpses at 10 minutes
- Improve: Jalh-Ab Desert sounds background
- Improve: 3dRudder inputs
- Improve: 3dRudder sensitivity
- Improve: Foliage - Country town
- Improve: Landscape - Country town
- Improve: Retexturing AH-6 enemy
- Improve: Treat animation
- Improve: Sphere radius of conquest point based on size map
- Improve: Flashbang blinding display
- Improve: C4 necessary only add if none teammates
- Improve: Player character acceleration
- Improve: Quality shadows (Avieno Land - Winter)
- Improve: Color saturation (Paradise resort)
- Improve: Color saturation (Conira Castle)
- Improve: Color saturation (Medieval city)
- Improve: Color saturation (Lost Island)
- Improve: Color saturation (Avieno Land)
- Improve: Color saturation (Country Town)
- Improve: Light Rendering (Avieno Land)
- Improve: Light Rendering (Medieval city)
- Improve: Light Rendering (Conira Castle)
- Improve: Character customisation UI
- Improve: Sandbox UI
- Improve: Insertion Menu UI
- Improve: Main menu UI
- Improve: HUD UI
- Improve: Inventory UI
- Improve: Tooltip weapon UI
- Improve: AI command UI
- Improve: Spot UI
- Improve: Drone UI
- Improve: Synchronized shot UI
- Improve: Chopper/Tank UI
- Improve: Spot sound UI
- Improve: General tooltips UI
- Improve: Slide bars behavior
- Improve: Map picture instead of XP required
- Improve: Insertions pictures (Country town)
- Improve: Disable automatically vehicles/Air units if not available on map
- Improve: Spot sound UI
- Improve: Rotation character in squad menu
- Improve: Weapon aiming block
- Improve: Hostage cannot be spotted by enemies if alert off
- Improve: Switch item keybinding only visible if more one item
- Improve: Ctrl/Shift keybinding icons
- Tweak: HALO jump not available on small maps
- Tweak: Teammates use copy stance by default
- Tweak: Keypad size text
- Tweak: Teammates dead and cannot be revive if "No revive" difficulty enabled
- Tweak: Synchronized shot disable with Apocalypse mode (useless)
- Tweak: Increase vehicles health
- Tweak: Increase robots health
- Tweak: Increase cyborgs health
- Tweak: Increase turrets health
- Tweak: Reduce noise emitter in night
- Tweak: Reduce AI sight distance detect dead body
- Tweak: Machinegun M240-B scale
- Tweak: Night visions only visible on Head 1
- Fix: Sun position (Country town - day)
- Fix: FPP animations errors
- Fix: Some spawns errors
- Fix: Animations interactions finish
- Fix: Auto change clothes doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Undesirable damages if hit a mine
- Fix: Medieval city doesn't build AI pathfinding navigation
- Fix: Medieval city errors spawns
- Fix: Footstep position if use specific animations
- Fix: Undesirable assets in air (Redwood forest + winter version)
- Fix: Contrast/Luminosity settings doesn't apply on Redwood forest + winter version
- Fix: White icon if keybinding not found
- Fix: Use interaction or action while already action launched
- Fix: Left hand position with handgun and sprint
- Fix: Empty task after success/fail
- Fix: Weapons/Attachments materials errors in Squad menu
- Fix: Change teammates number produce a little freeze
- Fix: Shoot with Panther crossbow instantly detected by enemies
- Fix: Camera could be spot player outside of sight cone
- Fix: Missing french texts
- Fix: Player affect by flashbang
- Fix: Cannot interacte underwater
- Fix: Cover speed with 3dRudder
- Fix: AI shoot error script
- Fix: Grid undesirable open
- Fix: Launch grenade animation
- Fix: C4 could spawn in air
- Fix: Init enemies spawn
- Fix: Main HUD doesn't update inventory correctly
- Fix: IK footstep locations if wounded
- Fix: Cannot switch TPP/FPP camera when used a ladder
- Fix: Launch grenade errors scripts
- Fix: Lasers doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Turrets doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Camera FOV after use binoculars
- Fix: Outline rendering with interaction meshs
- Fix: Debriefing text if task fail
- Fix: Some barrels collisions
- Fix: Market stall collision
- Fix: Table collision
- Fix: Grid collision
- Fix: Grid tents block vision and bullets
- Fix: Flatbed collision
- Fix: Assets collisions on Area 47
- Fix: Crossbow without arrow
- Fix: Static cars collision
- Fix: Left hand location of teammates with specific animations
- Fix: Customization character animation if use none weapon
- Fix: Some cinematics intro start
- Fix: Use binoculars error after use aiming
- Fix: Grid collisions (Redwood forest + winter version)
- Fix: Missing pover tower (Paradise resort)
- Fix: Landscape (Conira Castle + winter version)
- Fix: Assets locations (Conira Castle + winter version)
- Fix: Some errors scripts
- Fix: Tons of bugs thanks to lastest Unreal Engine version
- Remove: No XP required option
- Remove: Unnecessary lakes (Conira Castle + winter version)
- Remove: Rolling prone movement (had too issues)

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