You are Floyd Bagis, a Union soldier in the middle of the American Civil War. A simple pull out past Virginia has turned into the last stand for human life within America. Metallic monstrosities have poured out in seemingly endless numbers, and are attacking any man, woman, and child they find. Fight your way through a destroyed city and stop the threat of the Robots for good! Robotic Rebellion is a game set in the times of the American Civil War.

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Possible survival break audio

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For survival mode, we are not using rounds and round breaks
we are using a timer, and every few minutes or so there is a 45 second break, this is the audio for it

(NOTE: This audio was made for another project i am composing for, but since its possible that it will not be used for that project, im putting it in BTL for now, if it is used in that project i will make something else)