Behind the Horizon plays in a huge living world. All plants and animals and even the soil is alive. Everything grows, develops and dies again. - In this world you´ll experience a mystic story (playtime 50-200h) - Live with the NPCs togetehr in a Community and learn many skills. - Explore vast caves and dungeons with various monsters, traps and labyrinths. - Fight with 5 kinds of weapons and find treasures and equipment. - Magic, Crafting and Housing are also part of the game. - All NPCs can be talked to, have their own history and their own daily live which changes with the season of the year. - You can build your own farm and plant many different plants and trees, harvest vegetables and fruits and sell them. A Demo (Chapter One of the Story) can be played now ! The final release will be coming soon.

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Behind the Horizon is a RPG, Farming and Nature simulation game with an epic story. The game offers a long mystical story a long way from the usual "Hero Saves the World". Rather it tells a story about the discovering of one's own nature and of the nature of the world.

The community of Woodhome and the contact to the inhabitants plays an important role in the game. There are a lot of story lines concerning the Woodhome´s inhabitants.
The nature simulation makes sure that no game is like the other and that the landscape changes every day.

The weather and the seasons are also simulated and have a direct influence on nature and the player. There are even catastrophes and special events in the simulation, which can change the landscape sudddenly.

In the settlements the NPCs go about their business and everyone can be talked to. The inhabitants have their own history and many need help or just want to chat a little.

There are some difficult decisions to make and everything affects yourself, the world and the story. Friendship and romances are also not unknown in Behind the Horizon, but more shall not be revealed here ;-) !

Well over 50 cutscenes, which bring the story forward or breathe life into certain moments. Among them are events like learning new skills as well as visions and information about the stories.

There are hundreds of items that you can find in the dark dungeons, buy from merchants, or make yourself. Potions, spells, all kinds of food and many other useful items can be built on the farm. There are numerous recipes for housing and also a lot of furniture at the local traders.Magic is also not unknown in Behind the Horizon and the exploration to find the origin of magic is a central point in the story.

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