Battle of Empires : 1914-1918 is a series of tactical games, which tells the story of one of the bloodiest wars in mankind's history - The First World War. The first game of the series - Battle of Empires: France - is devoted to the battles between French and German armies on the Western Front - you will take part in the battle of the Marne, the battle of Verdun, and the final battles of 1918. Campaign includes a wide variety of story driven missions such as: large-scale battles with several thousand soldiers, ambushes, tank attacks, sabotage tasks.

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This game asks payment for campaigns, it's just a massive rip-off, it should be included in the base game, but no "money first please" it's a disgrace.

this is a mod not a game buggy and overpriced 25$ for a mod **** that hell if you want you don't even have to pay look on youtube to get for free too bad i didn't get find that out until i bought the mod the only waty it would be worth a buy is if it went down from 25 to 5

Roadmap - going great! Keep going for the better. Devs are going in the right direction, which is key for a game like this. With the player base growing, BoE can be a good hit for the MoW saga.


It's a pretty decent game for the most part, although the horrible voice acting and sadly disappointing missions leave something to desire. The multiplayer and Map editor is where this game shines the most. If the single player wasn't so disappointing i would have probably gave this game at least an eight but i already hate user scores to begin with so you can probably forget about it. IF you really loved the original Men of War and are a big ww1 history nerd then by all means enjoy it. But if you are looking for a campaign that is more along the lines of Assault Squad then this simply isn't for you.

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Gfx is very old, Soldiers look simply awful


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why reset the ratings? still a 10/10 from me


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What is not to like about this game ive had it since Early access its so good the devs listen to the people and about what they want their not like Men of war devs who goes in one direction only and doesn't care about their game Battle of Empires is different and a amazing game!


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