Stay in the path, collect points, beat the song, beat your score.

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Early Alpha Release


I've been working on an Android game with the intent of casual fun play while you listen and enjoy a song of your choice. This is essentially a proof of concept, with core mechanics of the idea in place.

I'm looking for feedback involving general likes/dislikes, feature requests and of course bugs (i'm sure there are bugs).

This release should mostly be playable. If there are any confusions with operation just ask here. I will note that you will have to have some songs on your phone to play. Currently no streaming service in this alpha. If you don't have music you can still test it out by just hitting Start after hitting Pick a song, you'll play the menu music.

You play by constantly touching the screen and letting go will pause the game. To resume you just touch right where you left off.

The top left of the screen is the points you've eared. Middle is the current passing time of the track and right is a measure of how fast the path is moving. The path keeps getting faster and faster as time goes on, eventually you can pick up a speedometer which will slow the incoming path rate down.

Default game will use your points as a life line, so if you hit the black area you will lose points until you go below zero at which point you lose. There is an option for Hardcore where you will lose instantly if you mess up.

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