Amid the chaos and violence of the French and Indian War, Shay Patrick Cormac, a fearless young member of the Assassin Brotherhood, undergoes a dark transformation that will forever shape the future of the colonies. As Shay, you will experience the slow transformation from Assassin to Assassin hunter and use all your skills to take down those you once called brothers.

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illicitSoul(sgtProf) says

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Involving, deep story, Balckflag like gameplay, great visuals, naval warfare... What do you guys want more ?

Game is very similar to blackflag, it's probably worst ....and the best side of the game, because blackflag had the most fun gameplay so far.


Yndoril. says

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TL;DR, I was trying to drop from the roof. Tackling an assassin instead.


Long review:

It's beyond my expectation. I was blown by the fact that it could keep me continue the story, which didnt happen with Black Flag (yes I havent finished that. Maybe some other time). Naval warfare is kinda easier, and with more weapons. Getting money is also easier, by looting it right after I boarded the ship unlike Black Flag where I must sell cargos first.

Graphic is okay-ish, fsr the grass is only texture unlike black flag (maybe because my settings idk. EDIT: Yes it's because my settings), also texture is so last-gen. Well it was designed to run in last gen consoles anyway. But the ambient occlusion somehow surpassed Black Flag, smooth like pudding. Tho on some places you cant see it.

It's also fps friendly. I got med-high settings with HBAO+ low and FXAA on 45fps average on an APU. The only time where it could get under 20fps is when smokes showed up. But the rest? Running smoothly fine.

Combat seems to be kinda harder, sometimes it was too easy to get killed, but with more armaments in inventory you can get them before they get you >:D

Last, it's too easy to find the assassins. I was free-running around and suddenly I heard whispering, checked haystack, found them, killed them. The only time I got killed by an assassin is when I was in a tree branch and suddenly an assassin approached me, we fell together and before I could do anything he stabbed me.


theriver10 says

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I have to say when i got this game i didn't think it would be a good game. But when i started it i was immediately drawn into the game. The story was just awesome and the new fighting style was fun and gruesome. Spoilers ahead! I dint know that this game was a prequel to assassins creed 3. Cause i just don't research every game i play. But this story made sense when Achilles Achilles Achilles Achilles Achilles Achilles to him being basically cripple in assassins creed 3. Anyways this game was really good i just wish that they would let us take a ship for our selves if we beat it. But i understand that it would be unfair if you beat a man o war but still come on we want to have some fun with a huge ship.


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