Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, a fantasy real-time strategy (RTS) game where the boundaries of the battlefield are broken and war is waged both above and below the ground. This game takes strategy to new depths as elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness are locked in an epic battle for survival.

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Atlasfield says

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Is a descent game, it promise many good things, however, is not the best, sometimes is a Warcraft III with steroids. I liked the idea of "two maps in one" (the underground option), but would be nice see generals or special units commanding the armies or the buildings more bigger.

The storymode is a little lack, I feel it needed more. Is descent but is not enough.

The game is good, but I feel is only for fans of RTS. If you are a fan of this games, you should play it.


Łagi says

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Game have beautiful graphic, way more superior to awful warcraft 3 (which is IMO uglier than Starcraft1).

3 type of resources, but they always are in the same spot (could be nice if crystal only underground and gold above - now you need only to send additional to workers to crystal mine).

No heros (in skirmish) with leveling, which I really like (dont like when combat orbiting only around feeding your puppets with XP). However your unit exp. and recieve auras, witch IMO break the rest of non-existing gameballance.

Lot's of awful concepts stealing. Fallen race are just Zergs! They not even close to some undead/dark fantasy nations.

Air units stacking in one place (like in SC1 or even worse), making one unbeatable attacking unit (especially with dozens of valkyrias)

Empire units:
Footmen - ok, fit nice;
Eleven Archer ******* hate it, OP with too much HP compare to melee troops, you can win the game with just it, you use it in towers and in Gnome arks;
Pikeman - nice, however never bother to use; Clerics OP healing is to strong, no point to play without it; Mage late game, expensive and need micro with area spells,ok - hate that it have ultimate spell doubled (just stronger) with common one. Knights - IMO nice balanced, every revierwer say that they strong but they probably didnt take into account 1 level unit melee spam and counter units (naah... just spam archers or footmen if dont have crystal)

gnomish workshop have WONDERFUL, fresh concepts of units:
catapult - gnom operating catapult on some buffalo, usefull (a little bit OP); gnomish ark - my favorite unit in AoX, flying transport ships (**** physics), can by upgraded with shooting windows too bad rather useless besides catapults drop; Steambbird - nice concept of unit, OP as ****, just build 4 of them and ride enemy base, with. Miners nice but rather useless can only build shaft - enemy quickly destroyed it, besides cost, for scouting need to much micro


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