ARMA 3, a unique sandbox-style combat gameplay experience in the most detailed environment of the series to-date.

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Well, 2 days after release, really basis of the game is ****** (gently sayed).
- Ai are terrible - no reaction for grenades, cannot reverse when there is any AI 10M nearby, Cannot follow team leader when in "Combat" behavior (automaticly after contact with enemy), Canot drive in convoy, cannot obey simply orders in vehicles (orders by AWSD).

- PhysX engine totally mess (update is available, but isnt appliedy by developers, which act there is no problem) - We drive tank, start to turn, and our tank is throwed 20M away with 100KM/H which resoult dead when hit in anything (we are throwed in random way) - tank cannot reverse, so they start to rotate instead reversing - turning = physX kick.

- TrueSky plugin, which is responsible for transforming clouds when we move camera being updated, but totally ignored by the developers (Developers paying for it, and dont update it! Same with PhysX SDK)

- Such few weapons and so much DLC's - all content should be in game by default, but developers created sensless competition (who the hell ever needed it?) and given houndrets of tousands $ for winners, just to give reason to create payed DLC to refil costs of this competition.

- Only plus is a graphic engine and lot of available animations.

You can tell me "Why you havent reported it on feedback tracker (support site)?

I reported it, same as tousands users - ignored since 2 years - THANK YOU BOHEMIA, FOR ******* 10 000 PEOPLES!


RostRazzor says

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Great modding capability,
great tactical military simulation game expirience,
great community- BIS growing up in years,
open-world locations and freedom of military art limited only by imagination, great DLC's -this game.
The game ranks in a row with such modable games as Battlefield 2 and Squad

Lots of Potential, misused by community.


Arma has been a long time favourite. Community mod scene keeps the content and gameplay fresh. Bohemia have committed long term to this franchise.

Third person mode does not belong in a milsim! What the hell were you thinking, BI? Nobody ******* plays Hardcore servers, and I want a proper ARMA experience not some 3rd person wall-sitting Xray ********.

This is a "military simulator" game and yet there are no tactics ever used. Only the 3rd person cheating strategy. Pathetic.

Performance could be better

Same Arma 2,but on different engine that eats a lot of power to be runned.Price is too high,and sometimes you can't really play it without help.

8/10 for a nice try


this game is one of a kind.. i've been playing the arma series game since i was 7 years old, at the time it was called Operation Flashpoint and as a kid i can tell this is a much much better alternative to army men (one of those small soldier toys) with Bohemia's powerful Mission Editor is where all my imaginations gone wild!

thank you Bohemia Interactive for making my childhood a jolly good fun

P.S. stop making futuristic content


am lag this connecting server Arma 3 bad in speed to Internet?
not work =(

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Lots of Potential, misused by community.

Feb 4 2014 by esfumato