You are a criminal. It is the dark years of our great depression, nineteen-hundred and thirty. Times are tough, and coming from a man that has nothing to lose, you frankly don't give a damn.

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Looks AWESOME! The current test speed reminds me of Legend of Zelda OoT haha. Probably the best night and day cycle I've seen on this engine!

Graphically i must criticize the the guns texture. It seems to shine a LOT (Far more then any gun should), even tho the texture seems to make it look old and battered. The texture feels a tad plain to me as well.

The second thing is the vehicle. It looks quite low detail, although we don't get much of a look at it, and the shader didn't seem right for a vehicle.

This is just early critic so take it as you will. I LOVE where this mod is going! Can't wait to see more!

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Picklock Author

Thanks for the crits! Although the tommy's material isn't finished, I'm unable to see what you mean by it being too shiny :/

The vehicle has been a bit of a pain since I haven't been able to find the original source art and can't get ahold of the artist that made it, therefore I had to export it back out of the engine to rig it and whatnot, causing all sorts of mesh problems as you may know how much the engine screws up the model when it spits out an OBJ.

The material is also a WIP hence why I didn't show you guys too much of the vehicle in this video, haha. I've fixed a few of the issues since then and will have a video showcasing just the vehicle and a few other features soon!

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very nice update a lot more better than ur updates in year 2009 ^^ hope to see more from u :)

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A quick showing of some of Apollyon's new features including;

A fully dynamic and seamless Day/Night cycle(the only reason the video cuts at the second sunrise is because I'm using the trial of Fraps and only had 30 seconds, sorry, but rest assured that it can keep going and going without you ever noticing anything wrong >:)

New Thompson SMG fully working and ready to pump some evil full of lead.

And a drivable Ford Model T that will help throughout your adventures and quite fun to drive!

See Jan 2011 News for more info on these features.

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