Apocalypse Not is a very ambitious game. It aims to bring FPS/RTS/RPG and survival horror elements all into one game… And to well, actually not have it suck. The basic concept is that you are a survivor in a randomly generated city trying to rebuild civilization or to just survive long enough to escape. To rebuild you’ll need to find and recruit survivors in order to defend your territory and fortify new areas. Each area you fortify will provide different bonuses. For example a power plant will activate the power grid providing light during the night hours along with other added bonuses. Capturing houses will provide places for your survivors to live and allow you to recruit more. Farms provide food and the police station will probably have some weapons and ammunition. The game is currently free in it’s Alpha state, and I plan to release a new update every week with something new.

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Aug 3 2012 Anchor

this is about the rpg elements... i was thinking maybe you could add the ability to talk to your followers so they could do a number of things such as...

- give you ideas on what to do next

- teach you a number of skills

- trade with you "if you add currency"

- give you tips

and i also had skill ideas... how about...

- a trapper skill finding items in the enviorment that you could combine to creat traps, that you could place on the ground diffrent levels on this would incress the type's of traps you could set and how maney times the traps could activate untill being destroyed

- a scavenging skill that would alow you to search bodies, notice items that you wouldn't have seen before, see items like ammo through walls, raising this skill would incress the amount of the item you recived, gain the ability to see ammo through walls

- a forging skill that would alow you to enhance your weapons damage and forge armor from scrap matirials, incressing this skill would alow you to incress the amount of times you could upgrade an item and make diffrent types of armor, and maybe even change the details of the armor like the color of the armor, also it could alow you to make and equip attachment's for your weapons

that is what i have thought of so far i may add more in the future, please consider adding these to the game

Aug 4 2012 Anchor

Of course I'd love to have tons of options, and while I do intend to add in some form of character improvement I haven't quite reached a decision on how yet. As far as the survivors go, I do plan to have them learn to fight and scavenge on their own, and also have their own names. But I don't think talking to them and giving them or adding currency would be particularly fun. I want to focus more on the action aspect of the game and less on the management side.

Jan 11 2013 Anchor

Very great ideas, and I agree with what was said about making it more focused on action, but I still think there should be more "management" options, as you call them. Adding currency and such, would mean a little more realistic side of the apocalypse. And even better, the NPC's giving you hints and tips? That would be really helpful to new players!

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