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How Long did "The Byte's Cat" take? (Games : Anastasiya : Forum : (Spoiler!) Completed Demo Comments : How Long did "The Byte's Cat" take?) Locked
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Oct 18 2012 Anchor

We are curious to know about the bytes cat puzzle. Was it too long? Was it unfair? How long did it take you?

Oct 19 2012 Anchor

Great game ! The password puzzle was nice. It took me half an hour to solve it. If your game is in the puzzle category (I hope), it's a perfect easy puzzle. Of course it will interest only puzzle game lovers, and it will bore others. It's a choice.

But if you choose the puzzle game way, I think your game can become a great one. The console interaction, the "High Tech" design, the ambient background are really nice. The graphic adds is a plus. Just beware: it doesn't become an electronic novell. Puzzles and interaction please :o) Many easy, some average, and a touch of hard ones. Like other puzzle gamers, I still speak, dream, remember about some "click & play" games where it took me days to solve some puzzles. Not days of playing, but days of thinking about it .... Not the sort of game you play and drop. Again, it's your choice. But there is no many games like yours, and if it's good it will interest a lot of puzzle gamers.

Thanks, I really love it for the moment, it's a good recipe :o)


Oct 19 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the feed back and compliments! :) You can expect many more puzzles.

About puzzle difficulty: We are actually developing this branching story system. The path you follow will also determine which puzzles you play. In theory all branches will have roughly the same difficulty, but are going to be flexible with that so that we can interest a greater variety of puzzle gamers. At the end of the Demo you get to make a choice, that is really the beginning of the first two branches.

I too fondly remember the days of old style puzzle/adventure games (like Myst). There aren't many games that still require a pen & paper, so we are hoping to bring that back whilst still incorporating modern graphics and interfaces.


Oct 24 2012 Anchor

nope im stumped, ive sat and thought for about an hour now, with nothing more than a really long text box
i have a feeling though that the numbers correspond to the numbers like an order (how to spell the password)
but to no avail
my box just gets longer
i like the challange but skillz are way too rusty

(edit: i spoke to soon DANG YOU BACKWARDSNESS)

Edited by: JMJorge

Oct 25 2012 Anchor

Hi again,

I posted a news on a main "Adventure Games" french website for many puzzle fans to know about the existence of Anastasiya. I'm sure that the special addictive flavor of the demo will catch some.

What about a french translation ? It will be possible only if clues and puzzles are not language dependant, or are created with translation in mind ...
Interested eventually ?


Oct 25 2012 Anchor

Hi JMJorge,

I sent you a private message with the password (keeping in the spirit of puzzles).

Kurodo - Thanks very much for the post!

I'll look into translating it into french. All of the puzzles we have created are not necessarily language dependent, but I do not know french so we would probably need someone to translate for us. (It would take a little bit of coding to make sure that french symbols / characters can appear in the game. Likely, even the password to the first puzzle will have to be modified ;).


Oct 25 2012 Anchor


I will be happy to help you translate it in good french language. Let me know if you wish me to have a try. It must be human done, as artificial translators always output very strange sentences. It's good for words, but not for ideas and concepts were it can become very .... funny :confused:


Oct 31 2012 Anchor

I am stumped by the first password puzzle. Help please?

Oct 31 2012 Anchor

Hi marcom,

I'll send you the password if you'd like?

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