Anamynta is a game of platforming, adventuring, and skillful combat. Freely explore the non-linear world and discover your own path through the game. Engage in combat in which blocking, dodging, and correctly timing attacks matters. Find hidden villages, explore forgotten fortresses, and learn secrets from townsfolk. The world in Anamynta is dangerous and will require skill to master. It will be difficult, but you will succeed. You must.

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Anamynta Logo Shot

Anamynta had a small bit of side-lining for a while for a number of reasons, but lately I've been back into swing on the project and wanted to post a quick update so everyone knew where it currently stood.

First off, the name officially changed! Anamynta should be shipping title, so that's exciting. It always takes me a while to name things, so for me this is a big step. The name is a combination of the greek words ana(again) and amynta(defender/vindicator). It plays into the main story and plot of the game.

On that same note, I've got a story written for the game and I finally know where it starts! That's exciting! I hope to have an update in the future to describe the story in more detail, possibly even with some early shots of the intro sequence.

The engine has come a long way. I've fixed several major issues that were holding me up, as well as built a simple editor to make level creation quicker. Anamynta is on my own custom engine, and it's been a really fun learning experience. Sure I could do this in Unity or Unreal, but the knowledge I'm gaining from taking the long road feels invaluable.

New enemies are coming online now, and the next big step for the game is to have the full thing blocked out. I'm going to stop worrying about sprites at this point now that I feel like I've proved out a baseline of what I want. The rest of the game will be fairly ugly, but hopefully complete before I start back on the art portion.

I've also made sure to spend quite a bit of time refining the game controls and movement so that it flows smoothly and fluidly. Combat should be hard, but not because the controls are frustrating. I wanted to nail that down early.

Anamynta Combat

That's it for now! Check back for more news soon!

Anamynta - Core Combat Overview

Anamynta - Core Combat Overview


Anamynta is a platformer RPG focused around a skill based combat system, in this overview, I'll go over the basic combat system and design philosophy...

JawaKnight - - 7 comments

So by the name, I'm gonna assume that this is inspired by Zelda 2 and possibly Ultima. Sounds good to me!

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Squibbons Creator
Squibbons - - 5 comments

I grew up on both series and loved both series. =)

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lasec2 - - 48 comments

Hey, when is this coming out?

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Squibbons Creator
Squibbons - - 5 comments

No date set yet. It's been in production for less than a month currently. Progress is very fast so far though.

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