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This story tells about a long way to home. Through child fears, on an edge of fiction and reality. There is no way back if you step into the elevator. A common day turned adventure, from which Alex has to get out.

  • classic 2d adventure with horror atmosphere

  • danger awaits at every step

  • solutions change story and ending

  • well-developed locations and characters in comic art style

  • many interesting characters

  • puzzles can make you think for a bit (though not a lot)

  • intrigues, secrets, questions

    Our team:

    Lepeshkina Anna - artistr-freelancer, artdirector, gamedesigner, scenarist and animator.

    Zavrin Alexey - programmer and animator.

    Loskutov Vitaly - translator.

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Check out how to make simple character animation in spine for your game projects.

Animation was made for project Almost my floor

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Almost my floor Demo

Almost my floor Demo


Almost my floor - classic point&click; adventure with horror atmosphere. Alex (main character) is a simple man who lives a simple life. But one day everything...

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