"You are outgunned. You are massively outnumbered. You must win." These are your orders. AI War is a one-of-a-kind strategy game that plays like an RTS but feels like a 4X. With tower defense and grand strategy bits, too. You'll be wanting the demo to really know what we mean, there's nothing else on the market remotely like this (as many reviewers have glowingly pointed out).

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Tony29 says

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This game is really awesome in my opinion. Very few games would have this complexity where the focus of the game isn't outpowering your opponents, it is rather to utilize strategics and the game mechanics to your advantage to win. Rather then encourage you to the direct route of amassing a large fleet and blasting everything away (believe me, that wont work) it encourages you to gather information, plan things out, and do things with more thought than a person would normally do. This is a great game that should be at least be tried out. For those people who can't get past the graphics of the game, let me remind you that graphics only makes a little part of a value of a game. A game is really all about content, and that is what this game has. Have fun!


This is one of the best indiegames i know. Its a little bit like supreme commander, alittle bit like tower defense, a little bit like a 4x- space game and everything fits nicely together to create something absolutely unique.

Been playing it for about two years now and it keeps getting better and bigger with every month. Two thumbs up!


amazing indie game nuff said ;)


Simply put got this and all it's expansions from Steam and it is by far the largest and most strategic RTS I've played. It also has an AI that puts most of the games industry to shame a fantastic game and for the current price a steal when you consider the content and variety that is present. Fair warning this game has a steep learning curve especially if you approach it like a normal RTS.


Delightfully massive, masterfully complex, and perfectly balanced - Few games reach this pinnacle!

I've spent many an hour on this, and have purchased every expansion.



pnptcn says

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The best strategy game I've ever played, with incredible support from a passionate group of devs.

I have over 300 hours in this game and it still provides me with fresh situations, scalable challenge and outright surprises. There is so much content in this game you will never see every permutation or synergy.

An amazing RTS with elements of 4X and Tower Defense games and the emergent qualities of the best roguelikes. As Dwarf Fortress is to sims, AI War is to RTS gaming.

Love it. period.

A really really cool game i managed to pick up in a steam sale. The approach to a co-op RTS against one single AI hivemind was done awesomely. and the visuals, though not a stunning 3d universe are perfectly suited to what it is, i only wish i could convince some of my friends that and get them into this. Bravo.

One of the best RTS I ever played. Very very exciting gameplay.


This is an excellent strategy game that manages to steer clear of many of the pitfalls that bug many real-time strategy games (excessive micromanagement and a race to grab resources at the start of the game). The AI's (there are two) are very intelligent and seem to develop personalities of their own as the game progresses (they're smart enough that I'm still not sure what's down to pre-programmed intelligence or if I'm imagining things).

Expansion is vital to unlock technology and build your fleets, but each new planet captured brings increased retribution from the enemy, so you have to plan your attack carefully and work out a path to victory that minimises the number of planets you seize, or you'll be utterly annihilated by literally thousands of incoming ships.

The game is constantly being developed by Arcen games, with new releases and beta updates produced weekly (or better). The game is developed with frequent input from the active forum, which greatly adds to the interest and community spirit. Updates are free and Arcen is working on its third add-on, which (based on previous releases) will be extremely cheap.

If you like spending time on a decent, in-depth strategy game, AI War will swallow hours of your time. You'll need to invest some time in playing the tutorial (which you can play free, before committing yourself) but once you're hooked, this game is awesome!

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