Adventureless - A surreal point-and-click adventure about desire and loneliness. One day, after hours of learning you fell asleep in the library. After you weak up you find a mysterious note on your desk and hear some noises from outside. Trought the window you see a young girl with red hair, running away. Who is she? Did she wrote the note? Why is she running? Your journey begins.

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Rework of animations


After some time I reworked the walking cycle animation and idle animation of the main character. Also added use/viewable items.

In my 5th devlog I'll show a teaser of the opening cutscene (still need a lot of animation work) and some gameplay footage of the first scene.

This this all work in progress. Music and sound are from / camtasia lib and are only placeholders, till I find some sound guy :)

I hope you enjoy it so far.

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