An abstract art based top-down adventure game made on a zero-dollar budget. A hybrid of concepts from Portal, Zelda, Shadow of Colossus, and Myst.* More info coming soon*

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I (lead-and-only-developer of this game) have joined on with InfinitRED. Does this mean I'll not have time for Abstract? NEIN! Also, what was that again about additional game modes?

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I (lead-and-only-developer of this game) have joined on with InfinitRED. Does this mean I'll not have time for Abstract? NEIN! As I am taking the role of lead writer and historical expert for the project known as Strike Force ( --here lies Linky Von Linkerson), I will have a -little- time taken away from Abstract (Don't Worry, BE HAPPY! BE PSYCHOTICALLY HAPPY! O.o THAT'S AN ORDER! Would you kindly be psychotically happy?)

On the matter of additional game modes...

Only one is planned (so far), and it is to make up for the fact that I am only making a single campaign for the base Abstract game. This mode is called: Randomizer (yes, I know, it's as catchy as Kick-Puncher or Mega Piranna 3D).

Essentially, you have a second Abstract (lets call him or her, Monty). Monty is going to be under your control, but not until you select 5-7 enemies to be spewed out in random waves, until you either fail to keep Monty alive, or beat them all. There would be a modified progression system, with purchasable upgrades, and additional unlockable arenas (some with special environmental effects or enemy types). As you continue to upgrade Monty, there will be a time when you can even unlock the bosses from the main game, or additional enemies made just for randomizer (by golly, he's gone mad now!). Thus, you have a do-it-yourself challenge room.

Now when the game is finished, additional modes besides this may be added on...

But it's up to -you- to suggest them, before or when the time comes.

A man chooses,...
A sheep plays Catherine

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