A Dark Secret 2 is a realism horror game, and the sequel of my first game "A Dark Secret". The player immerses himself in the mind of a child growing up in an abusive family and follows the kid as they grow up and begin adult life. With a unique character creation system, the player answers questions to figure out what scenario they will have to deal with. In total, there are eight different storylines with over a dozen different endings each. The outcomes vary from recovery over revenge to death. Everything is possible.

Find the prequel "A Dark Secret": Moddb.com

The game aims to educate about child abuse, and help people in a bad situation or who have issues dealing with past situations to find support. In this game I focus on sexual and physical abuse, which does not mean that verbal abuse is less important, it only means that I don't have an option to include verbal abuse scenarios in the first release version due to the amount of extra work that takes. It will however be available in future versions.

I am looking to partner up with organizations from all across the world in order to provide a vast list of support for people from around the globe. There will also be a separate e-mail account created that people can mail to if they aren't certain what organization to contact.


  • Choose your path through eight separate scenarios with over a dozen different endings each
  • Delve into the mind of a victim, and become a survivor, a psychopath or remain a victim
  • Discover over 100 unique pieces of art
  • Enjoy over 3 hours of our one-of-a-kind soundtrack
  • Uniquely modified engine
  • Visual Novel + Point&Click Mix
  • Learn about abuse and the effects it has on the victims
  • Identify possibilities for support if you need help

Find the game on LemmaSoft: Lemmasoft.renai.us
Find the game on Facebook: Facebook.com
Find the game's page on my homepage: Bloodguard.org

Plans & Timeline

⌚ December 2016: Crowdfunding Campaign - Monetary Goal: 500 Euros - Purpose: Ability to purchase parts for the game I can't make myself.
⌚ April 2017: First Release: English, 4-8 Scenarios, Get Help option, E-mail account, Full Artwork, Full Soundtrack
⌚ TBD: Version 1.1: All 8 Scenarios
⌚ TBD: First Release: German, 8 Scenarios, Get Help option
⌚ TBD: Crowdfunding Campaign - Monetary Goal: Undecided - Purpose: Ability to pay voice actors
⌚ TBD: Version 1.2: Fully Voiced Male & Female
⌚ TBD: Further Translations
⌚ TBD: Further Features

Currently Available Jobs

✎ Concept Artist - MONETIZABLE - Details: Moddb.com

Latest News

Today I've finished the character creation.

The character creation consists of 5 different questions the user has to answer. Based on those questions, the player will get the outcomes of one of 8 completely separate and different scenarios.

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Monthly Update July 1st


Well! Here we are!!!! The next month has begun and the work is going smoothly and perfectly so far.

Let me summarize for you what has been completed during the last month!

  1. Soundtrack Wise: The Main Menu Theme & The Character Creation Theme
  2. Art Wise: The Main Menu Screen, Parchment Textures, Collages
  3. Programming Wise: The Main Menu & The Character Creation
  4. Writing Wise: The Get Help Page Template
  5. Other Progress: Facebook Page, DeviantArt Profile

1. The Soundtrack

We will not be sharing the Character Creation theme for now, but it is complete.

2. The Art

Here are two examples of the art completed this month. In total, 3 textures and the main menu background have been completed.

In terms of art, we have also created a DeviantArt channel where we offer free art as stock. Follow the link to the profile on DA: Bloodguardstock.deviantart.com

3.) Programming

The main menu has been modified, the soundtrack added, the background added, the menu items repositioned and the Help link replaced with a Get Help page.

Further more, the programming and story of the Character Creation has been completed as well. It is complete in terms of all art, text, music and codes.

4.) Writing

The entire Character Creation story has been completed, plus the template for the Get Help document was written up in clear HTML code.

5.) Other Progress

ADS:2 now has a Facebook page with over 300 likes already on it! Follow this link there: Facebook.com

We also have a DeviantArt profile where we provide free stock art: Bloodguardstock.deviantart.com

For the next month I have planned to get in touch with concept artists and complete some chapters of the storyline as well as more music.

Thank you for following ADS:2! Have a good month!

Monthly Update June 1st

Monthly Update June 1st


The first monthly update for ADS:2. The game has been created, the first image files have been created, the logo is done. Work on the first story has...

GIMP - Tutorial: Creating a Bloody Parchment texture!

GIMP - Tutorial: Creating a Bloody Parchment texture!

Textures Tutorial 1 comment

In this step-by-step tutorial I show how you can create your own bloody parchment texture for your mod or game or whatever you would like to use it for...


what a cool game

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No need to rush. Although I can't wait. Good luck. Have fun while you're at it.

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