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Jun 17 2016 Anchor

Hey everyone!

I'm the developer of the game "A Dark Secret 2", sequel to "A Dark Secret" which I've released in 2014. Development on ADS:2 has progressed, and I've been able to figure out how to get the soundtrack, the sound effects, some art, the code and writing all done by myself, but with the release date set to 2017, I'm looking for one or multiple concept artists who might be willing to contribute to my game.

If you'd like to find my game, follow the link to its ModDB page:

You can also find the game on Facebook here:

I'm partnering up with multiple organizations from across the globe for this game, and we've reached almost 300 likes in less than a week on Facebook, so it does seem promising so far.

The GDD for the game is complete and I'm willing to share it with anyone who's willing to contribute.

What I'm looking for:

  • Concept Art. This game is a visual novel & point&click mix, thus I'm looking for concept art for the backgrounds that fit the storyline. I'll be giving you descriptions and written text, then you draw the art you associate with it.
  • Unique Art. That means that I'm looking for artwork specifically made for the game, and solely published in it.

What do you gain:

  • You can make money! The game is freeware. I will not be making any profit off your art from the game directly, so I will not pay you for the art. However, parts of the game (such as the soundtrack I'm making, etc.) might be sold after release. If you would like to monetize the art you contributed as posters or in the art magazine for ADS:2, we will work out an independent contract where you will receive a percentage of the profit of each sale.
  • Portfolio work & attention! The game will be listed as a resource on many organization pages, and I am working on a lot of advertising campaigns. Whoever contributes to the game will be in the credits - on homepages, facebook, ModDB and in the game itself. Since visual novels largely focus on the art, you will be getting a lot of attention for your work.
  • I do have paid jobs for this game! There will be crowdfunding campaigns in the future that will hopefully allow me to hire someone for my web art, advertising campaigns and further ventures. I am looking to hire someone for those paid jobs that I'm working with on an unpaid basis already.

What guarantee do you have that ADS:2 will be released?

As much of a guarantee you will ever have when working on an Indie game. However, I have released a large number of mods and games in the past, and the prequel for ADS:2 was released over 2 years ago, so I will definitely be looking to finish the sequel - and on time!

Let me know with a reply here or a private message if you have any questions or are interested!

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