In 3x64 you will try to connect blocks of the same colors on the constantly changing game board. Every direction of gravity has a unique active color - destroying blocks of the same color guarantees you one of many mighty powerups. Gravity is changing faster and faster, and you should always be prepared for bigger challenges!


In 3x64 you can get many types of powerups. You have 3 slots for basic powerups - these can be easily earned by destroying active color blocks. Then you can use them whenever you want, or you can wait and craft much more powerful ones - the choice is yours!

Altogether there are 16 powerups in the game, including those that manipulate blocks, time, and strategic minigames such as arkanoid and shooting.

Apart from the basic color blocks, two additional types of blocks will make your game more challenging. Iron blocks spawn every so often, and can be destroyed only using powerups. Threat blocks hide a random negative effect - but you have some time to destroy them before they activate.

Threat and iron blocks

After the game ends, you can share how well you control gravity with other players in online leaderboards. Your current position in the leaderboards is always displayed during the game.

You can easily pick the game up on your own, but the game contains an interactive tutorial which can make your start even easier.

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Final Update 1.4


In the last post on the occasion of the release of the game for Android, I also promised an update for the PC version which aims to add all the latest missing features that the game should contain.

Now two years after the game's release, it's time to publish the fourth, and final major update for the game! We have prepared a new game mode, a new language, a recipe book for powerups and a changed music system! Also the update contains many fixes and tweaks.

Gravity Mode

A new game mode that takes full advantage of the game's gravity mechanics and teaches you to master planning in 4 gravities even better than before. Gravity mode has been my wish since the release, but the implementation has only now taken place so I hope you will enjoy it - don't forget to share the results of your planning skills in a new leaderboard!

Gravity Mode

Recipe Book

The list of craftable powerups was very requested wish and I agree it's a feature that should be part of the game. So now you can find all recipes of already crafted powerups next to the statistics which can serve you perfectly to refresh the necessary combinations to achieve them!

Recipe Book

New Music System

With the final update we decided to share all music themes from the single game modes and also finished events for any game mode - so all standalone music themes are now played randomly in any game mode :)

Russian translation

With the help from our great translator Andrej "Viking" Tichonov, we added complete Russian translation for our Russian fans!

Dualsense support and fixes

The update includes many fixes and tweaks and also brings support for the Dualsense gamepad. See all changes below :)

I hope you will enjoy the new update - for the last two days, the game is still participating in the CZSK Games Week so if you haven't bought 3x64 yet, you can get it now with new gravity mode with 75% discount on both Steam and itch! I will look forward to your results in the new leaderboard :)

Full changelog

Major features:

  • Added Gravity Mode with a separate leaderboard
  • Added Recipe Book with list of already crafted powerups
  • Reworked music system - the music is now shared for all game modes and switching is smooth
  • Added russian translation (thanks to Andrej "Viking" Tichonov)
  • Added support for Dualsense gamepad


  • Added icon for Skip Tutorial on gamepads
  • Tweaked UI positions for Simple and Gravity mode
  • Better quality of ingame background for score, level and time


  • Fixed not translated buttons when changing resolution
  • Fixed small inaccessible area by mouse for first powerup
  • Fixed active menu navigation when changing resolution
  • Fixed small inaccessible area of buttons when changing resolution
  • Fixed changing the resolution by buttons
  • Fixed not aligned polish texts in the tutorial
  • Tweaked positions of polish ingame texts
  • Fixed wrong display of arkanoid during replays
3x64 now available for Android!

3x64 now available for Android!


After almost two years since the PC release, 3x64 finally arrives to Android phones!

Anniversary Update 1.3 - One year of 3x64!

Anniversary Update 1.3 - One year of 3x64!


Let's celebrate one year of 3x64 on Steam and itch.io with ingame quests, gamepad support, new menu and much more!

Conclusion of the Destroy Threats Together event

Conclusion of the Destroy Threats Together event


The second 3x64 event is over! For a whole month we had one goal - destroy 6400 threat blocks. How did it end up?

Destroy Threats Together (Event)

Destroy Threats Together (Event)


Too many threats in these times? Let's unite and destroy them all together, at least those in 3x64!

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Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay Trailer


Gameplay trailer - Explore the game with gravity changes and many of mighty powerups!

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