Be a paranormal investigator and explore the deadliest haunted places around the world. Join your friends and face the unknown in 3:00am Dead Time, the ultimate cooperative horror game

3:00am Dead Time. Development Progress, in UDK.

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This video shows a short test of 3:00am Dead Time now in UDK.

It was recorded in our development machine :

Windows 7 64-bits.
AMD A4-3300 (Two cores at 1.9 Ghz).
AMD Radeon 6410D with 1.3 Gb in VRAM (Dual videocard setup using Crossfire)
8 Gb in RAM

The minimum requirements for this game are :

Windows XP SP3 32-bits (64 bits is also supported)
AMD Athlon 2.1 Ghz (1 core).
Pixel shader 3.0 compatible videocard with at least 256 Mb in VRAM.
2 Gb in RAM.

The minimum requirements are for a gameplay in medium quality, 800x600 to 1024x768 in screen resolution, and a 20 FPS performance. The performance may be different depending on your hardware drivers and background process.

You can fund the game's development here :

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