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Prepare yourself to be the ultimate paranormal investigator, and face the scariest phenomena from all over the world

With 3:00am Dead Time, be part of a Paranormal TV show, and prepare yourself for the nightmare. From ghosts and demons, to aliens and gnomes , and from graveyards and forests, to old churches and haunted houses, the world is yours to explore.

About the Game

3:00am Dead Time is a single and multiplayer horror game involving a group of amateur paranormal researchers who won the casting for a one of a kind TV show that will send them to different haunted and mysterious locations across the United States, and later on, in different countries

From the very beginning you will encounter many different kinds of phenomena, from ghosts and poltergeists to demons, aliens and ghouls, the paranormal world is big and complex, full of mysteries to explore and solve.

3:00am Dead Time is a game that rewards first and foremost the exploration. During the main Mission, you and your team are expected to search for evidences of the paranormal around the location, to identify them, and to document it all for the TV show, either with pictures, recordings or taking samples. In many cases, an investigation won't be complete until you manage to stop the current paranormal phenomenon, facing it directly.

The game is split into numerous Episodes, each one completely unique, with its own story, characters, creatures and phenomena.Besides the main Mission, where the crew has to explore the place, document the phenomena (or even fight it), interview the witnesses and uncover the mysteries of the place, there are also multiple Prologue levels which further explore the story of each location. In each main Episode you will get a Rating based on your investigation work, and you can also unlock a number of secret items and collectibles.


  • Multiple Episodes each one with different locations in the United States and across the world, each one with their own characters, creatures and stories.
  • Exploration and story based gameplay where you have to uncover the secrets of each place, learn its story, and face the paranormal events that are present there.
  • Single and Multiplayer missions. Play with AI companions or make your own investigation team with up to 4 players
  • Testimony levels to further explore (in playable form) the story of the different locations.
  • Branching stories. Each episode has multiple story paths and turns along the way, to let you decide how you want to act
  • Wide array of equipment. Better cameras equipped with nightvision and longer battery life, movement sensors, advanced recorders, small drones... use the best tools to get the job done.
  • Old school style. 3:00am Dead Time is a heavily atmospheric game. From the beginning we have made great efforts to make sure the scares come from the stories, the locations and getting you immersed in the environment rather than a gallery of jumpscares.
  • Multi-perspective. No matter your preferred style of horror games, 3:00am Dead Time has something for you. First Person highly immersing experience, a Third Person Horror Adventure, they are all included.
  • In-depth investigation system. Collect samples, document everything you see, record sounds, take pictures, interview the locals and the witnesses or even ask the help of an expert to protect the team from the paranormal forces, or to interact with them.
  • Complex and rich mythology. The game features dozens of different creatures, paranormal phenomena and events, all based on real testimonies and the folklore of many places around the world. The paranormal world is so much more than just ghosts and demons.
  • Mood and Behavior AI. Your character will get scared according to what happens in the game and your actions, and in turn, the game's behavior will also change to reflect that mood. Besides, almost every paranormal event is randomized and procedural, making the encounters different every time you play a mission.


OS : Windows 7/8/10 64 bits
Processor : Intel Coe i3 5005U
RAM : 4 Gb of RAM (8Gb Recommended)
VRAM : Intel HD Graphics 5000 or a video card with DirectX10 support and 512 Mb in video ( GeForce GTX 660 recommended )
HDD : At least 1.2 Gb of free space for the demo, and at least 25 Gb of free space for the full game (may vary)

DirectX11 level hardware is, right now, a minimum requirement for the game.

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RSS Articles

Hi there, and welcome to a new article.

It has been a long while since the last time I wrote an article about the game and a lot has happened since the last time. Some of you may know thanks to the comments and posts we shared on our social media during that time, but this time I want to share what has happened in the last months with all of you.

Let's start first with some explanations behind our 3 months hiatus between last article and this one :

Changes in the team

As you know, for a good part of last year our team got reduced from 4 members to just 2. We did our best to keep the project going and after a bit of a rough start we found our footing again and pushed through a LOT of work. Dozens of models, textures, scenes and maps were developed for the different episodes of the game, the whole voice acting stage was finished as well as the script and the story for the whole game, the character designs and monster designs were also finished and ready for production and our work was moving at a good pace despite our growing workload and the requirements of our normal, full-time jobs.

Things changed as the year came to an end. My teammate, who also happens to be a close and dear family member, became ill and his health took quite a heavy hit. It was a very stressful time full of grim predictions from doctors and many different studies and appointments that took most of our time. In January he had a complex surgery who left him fine but in a delicate state. After this scare and due to several personal reasons, he has been unable to rejoin to work and will be unable to come back to the project for a very long while, Despite still helping occasionally with some 3D art and ideas, since November last year the game has become mostly a one man project.

This, of course, made development of the game a very difficult task that became at one point too big to handle. However and after these months of reorganizing everything in my life to be able to keep developing the game on my own without too much of a hit for either the game itself nor my own personal and professional life, I am coming back here with news and again adding new features and progress to 3:00am Dead Time.

Now that I am working on the game mostly on my own and have to make progress on all aspects by myself, updates may take a bit longer to be posted and shared. I am a programmer after all, so most of my work is by its own nature a "behind the scenes" task. However, I am also making a lot of work on the gameplay and network aspects of the game so I will try to bring you updates and videos on those ends soon :)

Now that we are up to speed with what has happened internally in our team and the reasons behind this waiting, let's go to the main part of the article : the updates and news!

The game's core,

our Game Development Framework

During the last 6 months or so I have been busy developing a very complex collection of tools to make the development of 3:00am Dead Time (and future expansions/titles) a lot easier. It is called "PIDI - Game Development Framework" and has been constantly expanding with new assets and tools and everything I find out I need while developing the game.

The last months have been particularly good for its development as I have been making progress in many important areas of the game. One of the latest additions has been a new tool called PIDI - FilmAI.

This tools lets us create a dynamic camera whose behavior is partially or totally controlled by an AI and whose algorithms always try to get the best shots. Complex effects such as hand-held camera movement, dolly shots, procedural transitions and wipes as well as dynamic resolution, targeting, tracking and avoidance are all handled by the AI.

Another tool I've developed is a highly improved gameplay controller with support for inventories, health bars, item management, input handling and automatic network synchronization through LAN and Steamworks with just 1 click.

You can see some of these tools and several others in action in this video :

Besides this, I've also worked heavily on a brand new deferred pipeline based on Unity's own PBR models but reworked from scratch to support very complex lighting calculations and models. This allows the game to render dozens of high quality characters with detailed materials mixing skin, hair, eyes, clothes and much more in just a couple of drawcalls, giving the game a much higher performance.

The skin and hair shaders have been developed during a long time using tons of different references, from hundreds of pictures from real human beings to several articles on advanced renderings from games like Uncharted, the rendering model I'm currently working on keeps being improved with every new version. Here is a video from a slightly old iteration (February)

Hair Rendering in deferred mode, test 1

Hair Rendering in deferred mode, test 1

Rendering Test, Fully deferred

The next iteration of this renderer will add support for dynamic weather effects (snow, rain) as well as translucent cloth rendering and more complex skin materials with support for wounds and dirt.

The next steps on the coding side are to add further support for more gamepad models and to tighten up the controls to make the gameplay smoother and better. The next big tool to add to the framework is a modular, node based AI system I've been working on, to make it easier to add dozens of AI agents that can interact with the player and among themselves,which is a very needed aspect of the game for later episodes.

The development of 3:00am Dead Time keeps going as fast as I can manage, but I thank your support and understanding since the internal situation in our team has changed so much and the workload I am facing has grown exponentially. Right now the priority is quality and a great, memorable and scary experience. That's what I am aiming to deliver to all of you once the game is ready.

Thanks again for reading, feel free to ask in the comments below any questions you may have about the game, and until next time :

J. P., from Irreverent Software

In Dev #3 : Struggling with Unity, making adjustments and adding new features

In Dev #3 : Struggling with Unity, making adjustments and adding new features


After our last In.Dev diary covering the slow upgrade to Unity 2017.2, we will discuss here the MANY reasons we had to roll back to Unity 5.2, how we...

In Dev #2 : Audio System and Unity 2017 upgrade

In Dev #2 : Audio System and Unity 2017 upgrade


In this article we will talk about our new audio system for the game as well as about the huge upgrade we have given to the game which will now be running...

Dev. Diary #46 - Funding, assets, cinematics and more!

Dev. Diary #46 - Funding, assets, cinematics and more!


In this dev. diary we will talk about how we are trying to secure funding for the game, the development updates made in September as well as the plans...

In Dev #1 : Cutscenes, lip-sync, gameplay & assets

In Dev #1 : Cutscenes, lip-sync, gameplay & assets

News 2 comments

In this smaller dev. diary we will talk about the latest news about the game's development, our work on cutscenes and lip sync, the improvements we are...

RSS Files
3:00am Dead Time Demo 2016

3:00am Dead Time Demo 2016

Demo 2 comments

3:00am Dead Time is a very different horror game about a paranormal investigation team working for a TV show. Download the demo now and try to survive...

3:00am Dead Time Demo 2016 (LINUX)

3:00am Dead Time Demo 2016 (LINUX)


3:00am Dead Time is a very different horror game about a paranormal investigation team working for a TV show. Download the demo now and try to survive...

3:00am Dead Time, Official 2016 Trailer

3:00am Dead Time, Official 2016 Trailer


This is the first official trailer for 3:00am Dead Time in the new development stage for 2016.

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Hola!! Que tal va el desarrollo del Juego? Alguna novedad? Gracias 😃

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hola! Tiene muy buena pinta, en cuanto salga me haré con el! Alguna fecha prevista de salida del juego? Está en Castellano? Un saludo.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IrrSoft Creator

Hola y gracias por comentar! Perdón por tardar tanto en responder, hemos estado fuera por un tiempo. El juego estará con subtitulos e interfaces en español al momento del lanzamiento, pero aun no tiene fecha de salida. Estamos trabajando muy duro en ello, esperando un Early Access para (con suerte) finales de este año. Gracias por tu interés, me alegra mucho que el juego te guste :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Wow, this seems a very customizable one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
IrrSoft Creator

I'm back! Lots of things have happened lately, but I am back at work on the game. Things have been quite difficult but a new article and new updates are in approval process to be published tomorrow, so I hope you all will like them :)

Have a great week!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
IrrSoft Creator

To all our followers : As I have shared with you before, I have had a long series of personal issues lately. The last months have been...quite difficult, to say the least, too much has happened in a very short span of time.

My teammate, who also happens to be a very dear and close family member, is fine from his surgery (so do not worry, he is really fine), but another series of personal issues have affected myself directly this time, just as we all had started to recover from the recent events.

An article will come in a few days to give some updates on the game's progress, our roadmap for the next few months and some peeks of how everything is evolving, but I am announcing that after this article is published I will take a small break, due to these personal reasons.

This does not mean that the game is cancelled, nor that it will be delayed, on hold, nor anything like that. I just need, and have needed for long after 5 years of non stop work, a small break to put things in order, to clear my head and overcome the personal matters that came to my life these last days.

Making this game has been a work of love during all these years, it has been a work of passion and a work that kept me pushing myself to new heights. The recent events, from my teammates surgery to the latest ones have thrown my life upside down and I do not want this to affect 3am Dead Time. I cannot allow myself to affect the game that you have all been waiting for during all these years by forcing myself to work on it while I am not in the best emotional nor creative place. The project and all of you deserve much better from me, and that's why I will take this much needed break, to come back with my head clear, my emotions back in order, healed, and stronger than ever before.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your understanding :
Jorge P., main developer of 3:00am dead time.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I wish u the best and hope everything gets better!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
IrrSoft Creator

Thank you for the good wishes, it is really, really appreciated and yes, I am hoping and doing my best to get better soon :)

Thank you, really :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
IrrSoft Creator

My teammate is back to his home now, and recovering. Work will keep going on slower than usual for a couple of weeks, but we hope to go back to our usual pace soon enough.

As we said before, the next update will be an article probably next week. Thanks for understanding!
The Irreverent Software team

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IrrSoft Creator

Just a quick update here for everyone :
Our team has 2 members right now, and one of them (our main 3D artist) has an appointment for a surgery next week.

This will represent a small delay with both the articles we had planned for this month as well as with the gameplay videos we were preparing. However, we expect to resume work as usual at the end of this month.

In the meantime, I will keep working on the coding side of the game (mainly the net code and multiplayer aspects) and try to keep you all updated.

The Irreverent Software team

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