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Sep 11 2017 Anchor

Come join us and introduce yourself and your game!

Join our live chat here

1600+ members and growing.

Lately, we've been talking a lot about game design, but we have multiple channels.

It's one of the most friendly game dev groups, where people actually care about making games and sharing their WIP work, ask for suggestions and share programming, modeling and game art experience. We've had people come and go, including CEO's of indie game development co's, and even had some voice actors stop by.

What is this all about? We've have been shepherding a friendly medium-size game development group on Skype for about 4 months. We have had over 160 members at one point, and still growing. We're aware of other outlets like Discord and Slack, but we're a bunch of odd game developers who prefer Skype, because it's more personal and convenient way to stay in touch. With all of its shortcomings.

We don't have a primary platform or language, and our members are very diverse in their background. Which can be really helpful for the game development community in terms of networking and finding team members for your project. But we would definitely enjoy having more members share their Unity experience which may in turn increase interest in the platform.

Please stop by, we hope to see you there!

Sep 17 2017 Anchor

im jason and the game im i have in mind is assassin creed 3/dragon ball z/metalgear/blackops 3/wwe2k17/gta5 its were young goku is the mystery alien who becomes the new assassin dx is behind the cover up and jean claude van damme plays connor who enters the in terms literly into the wwe uninverse a super super massive wwe open gaming world total of 500 zillion players if possible on the wii u and xbox one the stir of echos jake plays as little goku dx has him as the first child soldier or wrestler long with naruto sasuke and gaara lee neji sakura many others connor must join and find him a rescue him muten roshi trains connor who takes ten long mission the resue the redaption dark waters mass effect black ops shadow moses taking New york namek super gta 5 and resident evil 98 hours of total gameplay and all the main characters is controled by player score limit 500 its a black ops 3 version multiplayer but with the whole universe as your battlefield and each player has only 50 lives so each character and role playing can take turns sharing rather than using same characters and each player has his or hers own 10 long missions the gta 5 zelda breathe of wild and shadow moses is the map all in one 10x bigger than all the games open worlds put together easter eggs jurassic world gameplay ocarina of time mario galaxy style assassin creed syicate with mass effect 3 gameplay style ending first person shooter/fighting/openworld unreal engine 4 with family guy voice acting for comedy Rated E 10 and up its just in writing right now but theirs no script thats the cool part the actors can say whatever they want in comedy sense as long as it makes em laugh adam sandler as goku hes cool and its part of the mystery and easter eggs do yall want to help me get it started as a team?

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