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its just in writing right now here it goes assassin creed Jason this is truestory gaming its E rated me where i have to deal with mental illness bullys strict parents brothers and myself it wasnt all child hood but its where it all started so i keep my 8 year old self full game stealing cars fightiing and things that wasnt their in a mystery style assassin creed game called Jason there was one thing that was real i could see spirts the past and future at a glace it only last for a sec but that sec seem like years chapter 1 fiction goku gohan naruto halo black ops may only be fictional but i have the power to it all to life demons haunting and my power to face them my imagination is my weapon and my power firstperson horror/thriller/action/adventure game it takes place in shadow moses 100 missions Lucifer and 3000 angels captured all the humans escaping shadow moses is the goal with as many survivers without harming others its massive open world gaming with a muzzle loader as the only weapon you can use with limited ammo chapter 2 namek stage2 dbz has always been one of my favorites and when your in a bine your mind becomes your escape remember i have a great power and hidden potential that by far surpasses all unlocking it takes place in chapter1/namek is halo annivary firefighter map in which lucifer plays frieza cell majin buu goku and all the characters to get your mind body heart and soul back you must fight the fight and gain control shadow moses namek Liberty city nuke town and the entire universe which is Jason get it a sec glace is like years to me and it all takes place the time i am born cause for bout a good min probably my heart stopped i saw everything and its were the game begins and ends were my heart starts beating i have alot more to write its probably the worlds game its for xbox one and comes with a 1000 disc collection 500 hours of gameplay if possible buts all by though at the moment but its a true story base on my story im jason now 32 remember a sec is like years at a glace

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