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Oct 19 2018 Anchor

So what was yours?

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Nightshade Technical Artist
Oct 21 2018 Anchor

Forest plantation.
I think I've planted something like 70 000 pine trees.


Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
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Oct 23 2018 Anchor

Outside the games industry: ThePlatform for media, Inc (Comcast Subsidiary VoD)

Inside the games industry: Mektek Studios - Heavy Gear Assault

ABJECT_SELF Rookie Coder/Mad Scientist
Nov 30 2018 Anchor

Cameraman for local cable access television, filming town meetings as I desperately tried to stay awake.

Also, am I missing something, or did the first post transform into an ad?


Currently seeking freelance work for coding/voice acting/world domination/writing.

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Nightshade Technical Artist
Dec 2 2018 Anchor

It appears that the thread maker edited his original post with some article... why?


Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
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INtense! End Boss
Dec 2 2018 Anchor

Looks like it was a sneaky spamming technique


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Mar 17 2019 Anchor

I've been very fortunate with jobs.

Outside industry: Student "Cage" Worker in college. I had a huge late fee, and had no money. They gave me the opportunity to work it off, and was offered a job afterwards lol

Inside industry: Previs layout artist for Jungle Book (2016). One of my college buddies posted on facebook their company needed an artist. Luckily, I was the first to reply and within 3 days I was shipped out to LA to work, no interview or nothing. This is when I learned how important networking is for opportunities!

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