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Dec 30 2012 Anchor

What do you think of my work?
Please give constructive criticism, if need be.

thank you for your time.

shadowofamn 3D Artist
Jan 1 2013 Anchor

Your environment scene isn't clutter enough, feels very empty. Everything is dead lock on a grid, except for a few boxes. To make it more natural, shift some of the objects and buildings a bit and also add more props and foliage.

Earth scene, shader spec made it look a bit too glossy for a the earth, doesn't look like you use a proper spec map. Earth is not round enough ( Can see the edges). and no depth of field makes the scene unclear of rather the earth is behind or in front of the rock.

Winchester 24k poly is too high, check the triangle count and reduce it to around 3-4k tris for games.


Demo Reel 2011 -
Modeling - Maya, Softimage XSI, Zbrush, Mudbox
Mapping - Unity, UDK, Source Hammer
Texturing - Photoshop, XNormal, Crazybump
Comp/Edit - After Effects, Premiere

Aug 16 2013 Anchor

Your buildings look fantastic, but I agree with shadowofamn about the emptyness, you should put some sort of overgrowth in the street to match the dusty atmosphere of the buildings. I also like your terrain in the backround, making nice looking terrain is hard to do.

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