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Aug 16 2012 Anchor

there should be a rpg star wars game where your jaden from jka and its 6 years after the battle with tavion and jaden chose light and now he takes on a padawan named brandon and must teach him the ways of the jedi while alora is still alive from their battle and trains cults to be sith and a war goes on and you must travel across the galaxy finding the cults and helping fallen jedi be reedemed and stop alora from destroying the jedi with a imperial/sith army and meet new jedi team up with kyle rosh and luke and meet han solo and leia and see places with haunting memories of death and restore the order while facing sith from the past and memories of death

epicbox Mastermind
Aug 16 2012 Anchor

-- Please, try and organize your ideas. My eyes bled as I read this.


Are you in or out?

Aug 19 2012 Anchor

I dont really see a point in continuing the Jedi Academy story further. I think that game had a pretty set in stone ending and closed off all the missing bits from Jedi Outcast- anything more would probably wreck it. I'd actually rather see them go with a completely new story set well into the future of the NJO where the remnant have once again taken over the republic. (so basically KOTOR set in the far future). At least then that way it becomes an anything goes in terms of continuity and canon. Whereas with Jedi Academy you're still fairly stuck with the events of the previous 4 games. So moving really far into the future could be a really great place to have a game and a perfect setting for an RPG as well because then we'd be able to roleplay our own story as opposed to having the original trilogy constantly shoved down our throats.

.... that said, Obligatory, NO ONE WILL MAKE THIS FOR YOU. I'm merely entertaining discussion here. But seriously this site isn't for making requests so best you don't.

Aug 22 2012 Anchor

most projects for star wars are dead from what i see and im just new to this website so i dont know much about it but if i created my own mod with better ideas then my original i could probally get people downloading it because there was never a mod for jka on light side for jaden from what i see and onkly dark side or ones about other people so i might make one for my self because i would want to see jaden take on a padawan and battle new sith
so i would like to see myself what would happen but sense no one is interested im only making myself a mod but if anyone does want to try it out ill be happy to let them download it but first i need to figure out how to make mods so for now im gonna look at other mods but if u guys dont want it okey then

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