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TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Witch
Jan 29 2013 Anchor

I'm thinking of doing a simple art style for my first person shooter game. Still thinking some things about how it could be. I've pretty much decided how I want to do the textures, but modeling part is still a bit open/undecided.

I thought I'd do the textures for models with 1 to 3 shades per color, and maybe max 4 different colors. They could also have black and white. The colors would usually change with polygon borders or UV groups, or alternatively I could outline different colors with black. Sometimes it may be necessary to draw some smaller details, like it would be easier to just draw text into the texture than model it.

Textures for the world/levels would be a bit more complex, and could have shapes in them (like floor tiles, etc), but otherwise they should look similar to the models. So, they probably wouldn't have any noise/material definition or very minimal. Texture resolution would be low.

So, if I'm using that kind of textures.. how many polygons should I use for models? Should they appear round/complex or blocky/simple? I think both could fit. Round/complex style would fit because it would compensate for the lack of detail in the textures. Blocky/simple style would fit because the textures would be simple too.

Any thoughts which way should I go with the modeling and overall how does the other stuff sound like?

Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Need a picture about how it will look.

Nightshade Technical Artist
Feb 8 2013 Anchor

Sounds interesting but it would really help if you could throw together a smaller scene in something like UDK or even Maya


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TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Witch
Feb 10 2013 Anchor

Maybe something like this:

Not a full scene yet, just some character and weapon models. It's also got AO baked, so it has more shades than I initially thought. That would make it clearer looking if it's ever appearing fullbright without any shading. I baked the AO so that edges are quite visible.. could be less visible blur too? Colors only change with Poly/UV groups/elements.

Ingame it could also get some shiny stuff like this: (ignore the level textures in this one, they have a bit too much noise and meant for a bit different style).

Suppose the model appearance is something between blocky and round, but otherwise kinda simplistic/abstract. This will probably make rigging and animating quite simple too...

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