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abu-stalin amateur
May 5 2019 Anchor

hello, I have always been a fan of Total war games, and I have had this mod in my mind for over a year now, let me put on the details and I welcome all suggestions and all offers of help :
the mod would be a combination of all the interesting cultures with their unique units from across the History, it will be set in an earth-like planet featuring various nations from around the world that varies from Aztecs and Mayans, to Japanese and Chinese, with dozens of playable factions and more NPC states, the nations would use all sorts of technologies from Roman Tuestudo legionaires under Julius Caeser fighting Armstrong cannon units under Abraham Lincoln, that sort of thing, I think that (Total war Shogun 2) would be the best game of the series because with the added DLCs it has units from early 1100s to mid 1800's, which suits the mod.
I will post a thread recruiting capable members if the Idea is well-received.

May 5 2019 Anchor
You already thought about what engine you are going to create and what code are you going to program it into?

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abu-stalin amateur
May 12 2019 Anchor
YoshimitsuDaetsu wrote:
You already thought about what engine you are going to create and what code are you going to program it into?

I want to use the same engine as (Total war : shogun 2) since it has all kinds of western and eastern weapons spanning from 1100's to 1800s.
as for code I am not a programmer, I am just laying the backbone Ideas for the mod, currently drawing the map , deciding what factions are playable etc...

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the world is a small place - unknown author

May 1 2020 Anchor

I would love to play with my friends a multi-player co-op campaign playable by more than 2 players.

With a configurable time duration per round..

Anyone is capable of doing it?

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