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Jan 18 2013 Anchor

Hi, New to the forums.

I am really craving to join a team working on a mod. My strength resides in experience spread through various programs, and more importantly, my drive to work for long hours. My skill set is best described as on the border of getting a career, though I feel the road is still a long and hard one. My goal is quality, as I spent much time in quantity, and find it does not pay off in the long run.

Here are some skills used in my past life, or current/ followed by a rough honest rating
1= got my fingers dirty
2= basic knowledge of..
3= intermediate
4= could start work for a company/ high end work
5= master (which none would apply)

3d modeling and Animation in Maya (3)
Photoshop (Logo's, Concept Art, Other) (2.5)
Actionscript 3.0 Programming (3)
Adobe Flash (3)
Illustrator (2)
Doom/ Marathon or Equivalent Map editors (3)
Art Skills (non digital) (4)
English Skills/ Storyboard/ Plot (1)
Creativity/ Ideas/ Original (4)
Game Design / Map Design (design, not looks) (1.5)
Multiplayer Balance/ Design (1)
Making, Modifying, Sound editing.. (2.5)
Music Creation (2.5)
Familiarity with Programming, Understanding (not multiplayer/ ports) (3)
Math, Mechanics, Ai Development (3.5)
Documentation, Excel, Graphs, Statistics, Recording, Game Testing (3.5)
Starcraft 2 Mapping (3)

I feel my path lies in Art, with Game Development. I'm open minded to help, or assist in other areas, though I have the most potential to master the art field. Once upon a time I made my own game, sold it, took 2 years, and well.. I found out no matter how much I love designing a game, I don't have talent in it. ;( Oh I tried, many times.. I can come up with good ideas, but fail to make them balanced, in a multiplayer environment. The best solution is setting me up with a template to follow, such as "bases go here, and here" as knowing myself, I'll create a beautiful mission/ or map, which gets the player lost in it, unable to find objectives.

The creative part which I can assist in a team, is adding in ideas for original weapons, npcs, environments, how bosses will behave, or other features to make a game fun and unique. I just need someone there to "design" the game. With programming experience, it wouldn't be hard to punch things in the console, or even suggest ideas, on how to make an AI react a certain way, multiple behaviors for npcs. I prefer not to be the programmer, as it gets tiresome. But I don't mind getting my hands dirty here and there.

Kevin Neal

Here is some work here: The video was made, start to finish, in 1 month from modeling/texturing etc. I focused on quantity. I wish to focus on quality now:


This is a profile (WIP) and the About Me page posts links to music, and a few videos.


delete the 9's to view. I'll fix this in 7 days. I'm a new member.

Jan 18 2013 Anchor

pmed you

Jan 19 2013 Anchor

Hi there!

Would a Star Wars themed mod (EaW/FoC) be to your liking?
Here are the open positions where someone with your talents is needed.

Character Modeler/Skinner/Texturer
Vehicle Modeler/Skinner/Texturer
Planet Texturer

I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you on our forums.


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Jan 20 2013 Anchor

Hey Kevin,

I am currently looking for creatives like yourself to join our Indie team! We have yet to name the team, but maybe you can help with that too. We're trying to develop a game utilizing UDK. Are you familiar with Unreal? We have access to many applications including Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya, Motionbuilder, etc. We've even got a full fledged motion capture studio! We're a small [tiny] team trying to develop a AAA like game with fully produced cutscenes and animatics. Let me know what you can do.



Jan 27 2013 Anchor

re: po210877

I'm rather intermediate with most of my skills (3's), I've done planet texturing before, or you could say, textures built to fold over spheres. I do love star wars, though I think these are not the droids you are looking for ;) Maybe in time I will be ready ;)

re: TitlePending

Hi TitlePending,

Do you have a link or more information on the project your team is working on?

Jan 27 2013 Anchor

OK then, best of luck in your search and thank you for your honest answer.:)

Jan 27 2013 Anchor

Would you be interested in designing karts, characters, animations, and courses for SuperTuxKart? It's a free kart racing game that just needs a polish.

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Joined a team. Not seeking mod work currently.

Thankyou for your time.


Feb 4 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone reading this, we at CrossInteraction Studios are developing a new Fps game called "District Thirty-nine" We plan to have similar graphics to Bf3 and a intermediate paced Campaign , but we cannot insure there will be Multiplayer and single-player or any wages....if this game sells out the way we plan it to sell out you
may get wages.I have planned most of this out but we need Modellers , texturers and possibly some coders remember we cannot guarantee a payment fee but we may possibly make the Best Game anyone has seen if we all focus , that is.We need volunteers to help complete this project we have a lot to do, infact we have just started the planning so Development hasn't started because the lack of employee's . So please reply to this if you have these skills and are interested.
Yours Sincerely
CrossInteractive Team

Tyler Crooks - Developer/Director

Marcus Hansen - Co Developer/Lua Coder/Co-Director

Sean Colin Taylor - Sound Effects/Beta Tester

Bryon O'Hara - Resource Manager

Jake Miles - Sound & Video Producer

Arnas Vaicunas - Idea Producer

Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Hai,That's a good idea to join in a team where you can get some more stuff.

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