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awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Apr 8 2013 Anchor

Looking for programmers and 8-16bit artists
Game:8-16 bit RPG game-quick to create
Time: End of May to Mid-August
Console:PC (if time others, but only focusing at PC for sole purpose of getting game out quickly)
Hi everyone. I'm the leader of Humble Penguin Entertainment and we are planning to create a game over the summer that is very easy to create and make so we can get an item under our belts. This way we can get people for future games.
Humble Penguin is to create a small, Indie, RPG that is practically the exact same as Final Fantasy in looks and gameplay. It will be made as a way to get a game created mainly for resumé purposes and as do during free time.
You may wonder why create a game when i am part if an indie company, and have failed several times. I figure that if we were to create a game only over the summer, when people have the most time on their hands, it may lead to an actual outcome. From what i have seen, most indie games are typically just ideas and never actually work out because people will only work when all pieces on the board are placed. While the game wool not start production for 2 months it allows people to be recruited and all communication and ideals to be discussed in detail so all will be created to make a collaborated project with the same goal in mind.
So, if you've made it to here through all my fluff bullshit, i would wish to know if you are in for a game to be made in two months over a period of two to three months with royalties and no requirements on how much to work.
If you are interested in joining, pm me or email me at

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