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Jul 1 2014 Anchor

I have a question >.<, if it's possible (i've read in various places that it is and isn't.)

Anyways, is there a relatively simple method of decrypting ps1 format files? either .dat, or even a bin/iso files.
i have a game i want to make harder more or less, and nothing online is really being specific or anything of the sort, the game is Legend of Legaia
I think it would be fun to play around with the boss stats, the code i imagine wont be that hard to figure out once it's decrypted but i don't know shit about shit when it comes to decryption xD so any help would be greatly appreciated xD

Maxen1416 Jack of all trades, Beginner at everything
Aug 10 2014 Anchor

whiteobilivion wrote: is there a relatively simple method

Nothing is simple.

But you can find if you search and research long enough, as well as trying different methods until you find a way,
try looking for the right community in which specializes in PSX (game) modding.


Aug 26 2014 Anchor

I believe using an emulator and just looking through the files it runs should help you out a good bit. As for moving the difficulty, a good many games will break when you do that, if because the running will not mash well with previous programming But let us know what you manage to achieve!

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