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May 6 2013 Anchor

Hello I just seen this site an the pokemon game this site is working on looks amazing! I tried downloading it and then trying it out but when i click on it it says "Data Folder not found." and "There should be PokeGen_data folder next to the executable." Am i missing something to download? As i said im new to this site so please any and all help i would love.

May 11 2013 This post has been deleted.
May 12 2013 Anchor

You have to extract the files in order to play the game. Download the 7-Zip File Manager. You open the file within the 7-Zip File Manager and it'll extract them so you can play it.

May 21 2013 Anchor

I've downloaded the game but only a couple of the attacks seem to work, is anyone else having this problem?

May 22 2013 Anchor

Some of the attacks require you to click on the screen in order for them to work. Example:If you choose Pikachu and press 2, you have to click on the screen where you want the attack to hit.

May 22 2013 Anchor

Ohhhhhhhhhhh cool, makes sense, cheers :)

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Hi all, How does the legality work on a game like this ? I would love to see this game become a MMO (I think it could have a bigger success then WOW) but an't there some copyright issue's ? im no lawyer but won't gamefreak or nintendo step in at some point and just it all down ? ( I hope not). There should also be a kickstarter account for this game, I can see thousands of people pledging money to make this game.

Keep up the work

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

i think the copyright issue is just a small problem, i mean, just the logo and all the pokemons need copyright and trademarks. The main problem is the income of this game, that is the matter that decide will this game (if it becomes an MMO) will get a lot of update and modify and upgrade in the future.

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

Nintendo won't probably sue anyone for using their intellectual property/copyrighted/trademarked material without a licence (even though they could) as long as they don't make money off it. But if they try to make their Pokemon game commercial in any way they will be in BIG trouble.

Aug 15 2013 Anchor

you make trouble sounds like a mile away. About the commercial thing, until the full version is realesed bro!
P\s: i didn't even know you are arrogant, you said that yourself!!! :lol:

yooooo!!!!!!!!! The next update is realesed, today! Awwyeah!

Aug 17 2013 Anchor

make trouble sounds bo

Aug 17 2013 Anchor

Hello!I think they could improve the servers havepersonnel trying to enter but can not!

Hello!I think they could improve the servers havepersonnel trying to enter but can not!

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