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Aug 15 2012 Anchor

Hello I'm new to this website, as the title says it, I need help and information as I know how to model characters... But the main help and information is that how do I import my models for Gmod, and what kind of bones or bipeds I use, and what Animation I need to make them to function? I have alot of models for me to test out for my own GMod Series on youtube, and I really need alot of info for me to make them on my own...The Model I'm about to show you all is a sample of my first prototype into Gmod, so as I'm going to show it to all of you please don't say stuff about my skills in 3d...

Ok as you saw my prototye model, this was the first model for me to make for Gmod, I have more but some are still in progress for Gmod... So if anyone knows about Importing Gmod Characters, and making them into npc's or player models, then feel free to help me as I need this as my project...

Aug 15 2012 Anchor

First of all, what do you use to make the models?
You will need an .smd exporter for your corresponding 3D tool you are using, and then compile the .smd files into .mdl files using a compiler, and then you put the files you get from the compiler in the specified folders in Gmod
Also, a simple google and/or youtube search will help you a lot
The last time I imported my own models in Gmod was quite a long time ago, so I might be forgetting/wrong about something ;)
Some tools for exporting :


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Aug 15 2012 Anchor

I use 3ds max 2012 32-bit, I know 've should've said that from the begining, Sorry for that...

I'll look around, but next question, how do I turn this model of mine into a npc or a player model?

And by the way which bone or Biped should I use?

Hello does anyone can do a real tutorial for me with 3ds max to Gmod?

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