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Jul 26 2012 Anchor

My First Model Is Making A .45 Hand Gun.

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myles Woah.
Jul 26 2012 Anchor

looks perfect, i think you're done.



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Jul 26 2012 Anchor

This is too high poly to work in any game or engine.


Someone wrote: Her?

Jul 26 2012 Anchor

I think he meant he is in the process of making one.

Jul 27 2012 Anchor

figalot wrote: This is too high poly to work in any game or engine.

It's for next gen consoles.

Jul 28 2012 Anchor

Looks good for a start. You got to start from some where... I hope you post new pics of it from time to time. :)

Nightshade Technical Artist
Jul 29 2012 Anchor

Why post an image of two (three?) primitives? Get back when you have got somewhere.


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Jul 29 2012 Anchor

or else



Ronnie42 God Of Destruction
Aug 3 2012 Anchor

NakedSnake1 wrote: My First Model Is Making A .45 Hand Gun.

You seem to have little knowledge of how to make a gun so here's a tutorial:
(Ps thats a extremely basic tutorial, making 2 box's together is not really a gun, I repeat nobody will hire you unless you put more effort in.
Sorry if this seems harsh but the gaming industry is a harsh environment.


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Aug 4 2012 Anchor

looking for a job I'll hire you 500 dollars an hour

Aug 5 2012 Anchor

Not sure if serious, or a joke...

Aug 6 2012 Anchor

for start

Aug 9 2012 Anchor

don't be Mean ! Everybody started at some point ! I can Remember my first days.. i wasn't much better either.

Aug 21 2012 Anchor

x3nu wrote: Not sure if serious, or a joke...

My reaction.

Aug 23 2012 Anchor

hmmm great buddy continue all the best

SinKing bumps me thread
Aug 23 2012 Anchor

Might as well be for Tetris at this point.

Follow a tutorial, yet even better, start with some primitives and learn the basic operations (boolean, sub-d, local polygon refinement, duplicates/clones, making single obj from multiple objects, etc). It won't help you, if you try to start with something, without knowing the tools.

I'd go with architecture first. Try to build a Greek Temple instead. There are some nice things to be learned in that.

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