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Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Hi everybody,

I have finished up the initial release of my first indie game, Go Guguti! Go! (I'm working on a new version of it now).

Have fun! :D

Jul 15 2013 Anchor

congrats and nice game :)

Jul 15 2013 Anchor

Hey congratulations on releasing the game :)

For the next version you might want to make the graphics more uniform, some items have outlines and others don't, also choose a color palette and try to follow it in all graphics including UI. You should maybe completely redo the character with animations. Can you make him look more cartoonish / sympathetic? Generally I would like to see the game use brighter colors and more imaginative graphics in order to make it more fun, as exercising isn't too exciting starting point.

Cheers and happy polishing with the game :)

Jul 26 2013 Anchor

Looks good. Would be for Android and iOS? Or just Android or maybe just iOS?

Jul 28 2013 Anchor

Very interesting game!

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone!
I am very happy with your comments. I'm registering all your ideas to improve the game. I promise to try and improve the game!
The game is available for iOS and Android!! : D
In iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Samsung!It has a full version and a free version!


One day I decided I wanted to create a mobile game. Well, its name is Go Guguti! Go!

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