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May 28 2017 Anchor

Ever since I played the PS2 version of Deus Ex, I'm unable to play the PC version, because laying back in armchair with dualshock 2 controller in hands is so much more comfortable. PC version with the PS2 port interface would be the best mod ever for me, but I don't have any coding knowledge and skills. I would guess reworking the interface from scratch would require a lot of work.

Jun 14 2017 Anchor

You might want to bring that up with the GMDX developers, they're adding a whole bunch of new UI changes to the game.

Not gonna lie though, something like this may be near impossible because of how old the engine is. I understand that the PS2 version needed a lot of heavy engine modifications to get it working with the PS2- its also why the game took a massive hit to map quality in translation because the engine couldn't handle anywhere near what it could on the PC.

Gotta say its not likely possible. There's some features in the PS2 version I want that the PC version didn't have, like the gun deadzone feature. There's also a lot of artwork in the PS2 version that was much higher resolution than in the PC version (such as JC's player model).

It's still a really awesome port and its funny how very few people have played it. I only played it originally because I wanted to rip the FMVs. You can find my work here

I ripped the files, Pheonix uploaded them.

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