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Sep 25 2017 Anchor

We like to include a lot of information in our news posts for Sins of the Prophets, so our articles can get pretty long, it would be great if we could either have some kind of spoiler feature that actually hides text in an expandable frame instead of just blacking it out or alternatively if the post featured on our mod profile as the most recent one would have a "below the fold" kind of feature where after a certain length the post would be hidden and require the user to click a "read more..." button to open the rest or be routed directly to the article's page from the front page of the mod.

We're trying to turn SotP into a community instead of just a mod, so we're also scheduling community events. Some kind of calendar feature would be super helpful for this. We know tens of thousands of people play the mod - previous releases have seen as high as 50K downloads - but we have a hard time reaching out to them because the community features here on ModDB are kind of lacking. We have about 8.5k people on our Facebook page, but we all know Facebook doesn't actually let you reach all those people unless you're paying them money. We use Facebook's "Events" feature, but as I said, that's really just the tip of our potential community. ModDB is the most direct way to interact with our fans - because this is where they come to download the project. Sure, we could post an image or write an article every time we want to schedule an event, but we're trying to do weekly playdates. So this kind of thing really needs an integrated feature or our profile will quickly get junked up. We don't want to drive people away - we want to bring them together.

Overall I would like more features that allow us to do more community building here on ModDB and I assume that the site would benefit more from folks hanging around longer as well.

INtense! End Boss
Sep 25 2017 Anchor

I could manually code in some javascript to your profile to do the "read more" feature you'd like.

The events and calendar one seems more of a challenge, but I could give you access to the backend to add a custom tab to your mods profile called "events" then you could embed a google calendar or something there?


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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