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Aug 6 2013 Anchor

No matter where I seem to look, I can't find a download for mac Desura.

On the main home page, where you can click "other versions", the only options are Windows(again), Linux32 and Linux64

Where can I download Desura for mac?

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

I am having the same exact problem.

Aug 24 2013 Anchor

I have this problem as well. It's very odd because Desura says that they have games for mac, but they don't seem to have a way to actually play mac games. The only thing I can think of is that my operating system is out of date for them. I'm running OS X 10.5.8. It's also strange that this problem doesn't seem to have been addressed by anyone. If I find out more information, I will try to post it here.

TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 25 2013 Anchor

There isn't a mac desura client yet afaik, I'm sure its in development and will be in a next major update.
You can still get mac games, via direct download.

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Sep 6 2013 Anchor

Me, too. I joined quite a while ago and sometimes I visit using my PC. But then I forget and sign in using my MacBook. I become frustrated that I cannot find the Mac client download. I thought it had to be me - surely there must be a Mac client after all this time. :devil: So glad to finally know - there isn't one yet. I'm not looking in the wrong place. Thanks TKAZA. Thought I was losing my marbles! ;)

TKAzA Community Manager
Sep 7 2013 Anchor

Hello Peeps
Yes thats right, your not mad!

If it's a Mac release, just go to the download and select direct download, your files are in there :)

Sep 20 2013 Anchor

For those who can't find the direct download, click play game. And just above teh Download Desura (windows) button is download direct.

Hope this helped for peopel like me who couldn't find the bloody thing. :)

Sep 21 2013 Anchor

I also found this:

it's a tutorial for Desura

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