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Sep 7 2012 Anchor

Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for game designers or people with ideas in general to create the concept of a horror game.

For now this is not for a project to turn into a real game, I'm not an artist and neither a programmer.

For a long time now I've been wanting to create a horror game that is not centered on scaring the player by using cheap tricks like sudden sounds or jumping monsters, neither using blood and gore. I'm interested in coming up with a horror game that scares you by the use of sounds, ambience, lighting and of course how the setting, game mechanics and story can influence the imagination of the player.

Currently I'm working as game designer and writer for another project, so this would definitely would be unpaid, and part time. Look at it more as practice and a way to make friendship through a hobby.

I hope there are people interested in this and thanks for reading!

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Sep 16 2012 Anchor

don't you have any idea ? like nothing to begin with ? :P

Sep 16 2012 Anchor


If you're looking for inspiration; check out Amnesia - the dark descent.
It has exactly the elements you're describing.

TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Sep 16 2012 Anchor

So in other words, you want people of your profession to do your own work... for you...

Am I seriously reading what I think I'm reading?

Also "create". Crate is a box. Create is to make something.

Sep 16 2012 Anchor

Hello Kikitoso, what kind of person are you looking for? Do you need someone with experience in horror games, experience in games in general, someone who just has ideas? I'd be happy to cooperate, but know that I've no experience whatsoever - I just like to come up with ideas (so, practically, something anyone here qualifies for, I believe :P).
I'd give more information for those interested, like what is this project going to become? Will you be looking for a team or is this plainly experimental? How much time do you need from the other person per week, if this is something fixed (is it?)?
If you don't mind cooperating with someone who has no experience in game design (just for the sake of mutual learning), you can send me a pm.
Oh, and as breach mentioned, Amnesia is maybe the kind of game you're talking about.

Sep 16 2012 Anchor

Reqieumthefallen wrote: So in other words, you want people of your profession to do your own work... for you...

Am I seriously reading what I think I'm reading?

Also "create". Crate is a box. Create is to make something.

no surprise there . also op u say ur a game designer,what does that mean?thats a pretty vague term!

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Sep 16 2012 Anchor

I don't know how I missed this, but I've ranted on the subject here before.

As others have said, your post makes you sound super lazy. It makes it seem you want the credit of the designer, without putting any work in. I think it was Terry Pratchet once said "You have to want to write. To many people want to 'have written'." Also, you say you are not a designer. What's stopping you? Do you think there is some kind of comity that will turn up at your door and give you badge with "I'm a designer!" written on? Make some games.

If you want to level up your horror game knowledge specifically, (or are just into horror gaming generally) watch this.

Finally, 'cheap tricks' is very subjective. I find Cry of Fear, Amnesia and Silent Hill to be almost all 'cheap tricks', whereas others think Resident Evil 2, a game I think did horror right, as being 'cheap jump scares'. There is a difference between a Youtube screamer video, and a Lewton Bus.

There is way more to go into and talk about on the subject. Way to much for this forum post to cover. However, while the things we fear might change, as well as the tools at our disposal. Fear itself has not. The same techniques of early horror films and games still apply, despite how primitive they are in construction.

Sep 17 2012 Anchor

Hello and thanks to everyone for their reply.

I don't want anyone to write stuff for me, I want to write, brainstorm and create new ideas concepts along with the people I join. I'm not aiming to create this game as in program it and make it executable, just to practice creativity in the horror genre.

I think this is a good way to meet people and create friendship through a common hobby, throwing ideas and hearing at other's opinions. If you don't like the idea you can always not comment and stay away I guess.

I don't want want to steal, or make someone else work for me. Also my native language is not english so please avoid commenting with negativity if it's not a constructive comment about the subject.

Again, thanks for your replies and yes I have Amnesia and I think it's a good game and a good example.

Sep 17 2012 Anchor

i can help you out with the design iv always liked horror games such as ao oni and amnesia contact me at

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