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Mar 5 2018 Anchor

Hello everyone

We are G-fun, a startup team working in the gaming industry in China with members from Hong Kong and the Mainland. Our team always meet indie game developers and discover great indie games over the world. We saw the potential of indie games such as “Travel Frog”《旅行青蛙》(Japanese:旅かえる)from HIT-POINT which suddenly became the hottest game in China within few months. However, we found that there are limited channels for great indie games to reach out the huge market in China as the main channels were monopolised by Tencent and NetEase.

So we are using a unique way to let indie games, developers, or teams to get into this huge and great market in China. If you are interested to know how we can help you to reach the China market, please contact G-Fun with the following contact. We will become your most powerful partner in China.

Jiminy Wong


Tel / WhatsApp: +852 6446 7029

Skype: dxsz51

Mar 11 2018 Anchor

China is nice place to make a lot of money. But as Google, Facebook, Twitter are not available there, it would be a tough market to crack and require a lot of work.

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Mar 11 2018 Anchor

I'm not fond of this "secret sauce" type of teaser posts. I trust nobody who does not say anything until you team up. Sounds fishy from one end to the other.


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