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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Hi guys,

my name is Henning, i am 24 years old and from germany.

I just started a YT Channel a fews weeks ago with a friend. Now i had this idea of supporting some (more or less) unknown games.

I want to do this because in my head it is quite obvious...Lets Player do play games...and developer want that their games will be do the math :)

So if someone wants to be supported, write here or a message to me.

Here a some general rules:
- Xbox360 / PS3 prefered
- games need to be free to me
- general confirmation for me to play them on Youtube

What I will do:
support via Youtube in germany (+ my commentary)
- presenting the game in the german LP Forum
- feedback from me

The videos will be in german, so you will probably not understand a word :D

If you write me, i also need some general information about the game (link for download / Homepage, developers name, genre etc.)
These infos will be in the description of the video and in the thread.
I dont plan on completing all games...but that depends on the size of the game and the fun i have.

You can also decide, that i am not allowed to complete it on YT...thats totaly fine, i will only test it then.
A lot information...i hope you support this idea as much as i do :)

Thanks so far



i didnt get any message so this topic undesirable?

I dont want to leech free games or someting.


i didnt get any message so this topic undesirable?

I dont want to leech free games or someting.

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Feb 18 2013 Anchor

Um.....How much have you had to drink today?


"sweet"  little old lady

Feb 18 2013 This post has been deleted.
Feb 18 2013 Anchor

@DailyMania You should probably start with something to show how this would work and that you're serious. Pick a free game and show people what you've got. At the end of the day, you offered your service so now it's up to others to take you up on that offer.

Mar 12 2013 Anchor

There's a game that might work called Chromophobia. I don't know how well it would work for you because each round is really short (like ten seconds,) but you could ask the devs. I can't give you a link (because I'm too new on the forum) but if you search "Chromophobia Game" it should come up somewhere.

Mar 17 2013 Anchor

Hey. Sorry I do not know very well English. We game developers Bravada. Take a look at our game, possible you like it, write to us your decision.

Mar 21 2013 Anchor

From what know on let's play's taking requests on games to do means you will play titles you don't with obvious lack of interest

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