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Apr 19 2020 Anchor

I created a group in the past and have my mods linked to it, I had a friend that joined it randomly as a joke and kicked him since my mods go into his profile, and accidentally removed myself. Now my mods cannot be edited by myself even though they are my own creation and the mods are now created by the empty group which i cannot edit myself. Can anybody help and assign me to edit the group and my mods after this incident? Thanks. If not possible, delete the group and assign my mods to my profile. if it's possible for any admins to help will be appreciated.

My mods:

The group:

I can now edit both my mods and group, just woke up today to it. Thank you so much to whoever did it!

I just woke up this morning, and now I can edit both mods and the group, thank you so much to whoever done it!

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Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB
Apr 20 2020 Anchor

Hey there!

We fixed this issue following up on the email you sent us about it through :) Always the best way to contact about these issues, although we do check the forums regularly, the support inbox is what we keep most up to date with.


Seamus Mullins - Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB

DBolical | @seamus.editor

Apr 21 2020 Anchor

Thank you so much, just checked yesterday morning and saw that i can edit my things again!

Nov 30 2020 Anchor

I also have a same problem as him. My friend nicknamed S.J accidentally leaved his own group... I can't figure it out how to invite him or send invitation since i don't find the button or anything useful...

This is his profile:

This is his group:

He make a really good mod and he's about to released it today :(

Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB
Dec 1 2020 Anchor

It appears you've been able to add them back to the group since your post Nightmarish_Fuel.

If you have any further questions or requests let me know here or at


Seamus Mullins - Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB

DBolical | @seamus.editor

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