Lifeless_The Abandon --[Demo Released]--

I would love to thank all the people that supported my first mod, I was quite surprised as I thought my first mod was stale and just not good. But, this is what made me want to remake my first mod.

So Expect a remake soon. Read the new article for more information.


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I would like to thank all the people that liked my very first mod, didn't expect that.

I do have to admit though, looking at the levels and the whole mod overall, It just sucked. So without further adoo, a remake is going to happen. This is what the remake will include.

  • -Levels will be detailed realistically, fixed and revamped!
  • -Gameplay will be improved!
  • -Story will be improved!
  • -Some new areas included!
  • -Better ending, as the original ending seemed rushed and dramatically stupid!
  • Better events and scenes!


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Lifeless_The Abandon

Lifeless_The Abandon

Full Version 4 comments

AAAAAnd It's back, just had to change a few things tho to make it look better! Update 2.0 will be coming soon. it will include a better story, more high...

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when is will be release the remake?

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- Took initiative in setting the story during the 21st century

- Winged creature with split skull was terrifying, and was executed perfectly

- Some dry humor

- Plot was dense and weak

- level design was cramped and ugly

- puzzles were simple and copied

- The English was the poorest I've ever read

- the voice acting was unbearable

- the atmosphere was tame

- It cut corners in most level design (namely forest and drainage) -- hell, I could see the BOTTOM of an area that I shouldn't be able to see

- puzzles that solved themselves (keys that were supposed to be "hidden" had their location written on a note not so far away)

- involved few monster encounters

- pacing was absolutely horrid, might I add, as none of the events lead up to a scare, they only were anticipated upon grabbing an item

- story was nonsensical and an enormous cliche, mostly ripping from the original game without any secondary creative thought involved

- Basement area was small and cramped, and the rods took me less than two minutes to find.

Overall, this custom story was one of the highest voted that I have played that was absolute crap (IMO). It seemed to have been created by someone who was eager to release the story without actually finishing it and polishing it. I would say that I look forward to more (better) custom stories of yours, but I would not be truthful. Please consider working with others when doing such a project, as their creative insight may help you more than you can help yourself.

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At least you weren't offensive - but imo your comment was the crappy thing here. Little details make this mod bad? Also whats so "tame" about the athmosphere? Since when are only a few monster ecounters bad? You want jumpscares and monsters every second and nothing else? A few mods have these and sucked horribly (even though they could've been good).

Well opinions though. How many custom stories have you played/ how many hours do you have in Amnesia?

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I love this custom story. Beautiful levels, great atmosphere, suddenly appearing monsters and more, only at the end I found one bug but it's so small that it is possible to put ten out of ten. You are required to play in this story.

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Is it just me or is the basement map almost identical to the map where you find Isaac Jankowski in Final Revelations?

I dont know if you have talked to the creator of final revelations or whatever but besides that i liked the story alot. It was fun to play and scary too! There were some bugs and some grammar fails but i am usually okay with that! The level editing was absolutely gorgeus and gave me alot of inspiration. Such a creativity i've never seen in an amnesia mod!

That is really what i am looking forward to in playing these mods, the level editing and the scripting. Some people nail them so good. And you were one of them in my opinion!

Good luck to you in the future if you are making more mods, i am going to look forward to that.


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RadicallyBatz Creator

Hahaha thank you so much sir.
No I haven't talked to the creator of final revelations and this mod was released before final revelations. Also check out my other mods I made if you liked this one, I bet you'll like the third one that's soon coming out which will be a remake of lifeless the abandon but better with a new story and more maps

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One of my favorite custom stories yet!

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Hey, CatBearGaming here, for some reason youtube won't let me reply to your comment so I'll just put it here. We enjoyed your CS and it was a perfect intro for a first time Amnesia player like Anna. I'll keep an eye out for your next one. Feel free to check out my old CS A Late Night Drink if you want.

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RadicallyBatz Creator

Thnx for the reply and I already played it. Loved it, a classic :) thnx for playing and hope to see u let's play the next one, thnx.

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I made a let's play on this Amnesia custom story-

Pretty good level design, and use of custom objects.

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RadicallyBatz Creator

I saw them by searching on youtube for my cs XD enjoyed it, I love your voice and character :) Keep it up pal

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Thanks man, that actually means a lot to me. :) Good luck with helping out on the new mod, I'll look into it and try to play it once it's out.

I don't think you should be discouraged by haters; there was so much other stuff in this mod that was good and worth keeping uploaded. :P

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Positives: - Very good level design to be your first story - Quite creepy - Creativity Negatives: - Weak plot that doesn't make much sense - A few flaws What to improve: I think the storyline could be much better. It's cliche and a lot of it makes no sense. "One day you heard about this castle that has never been speaken of or never heard of. Not even its name" How can you hear of a castle that has never been spoken of? Why do you hide a key and then tell other people that passes by where it is…

Jul 1 2014 by KrustiClawn

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